Yard games for your next BBQ

Yard games for your next BBQ

Sunny weekends and free time with your family and friends are probably the best therapy after another hard week at work. It's a perfect time for BBQ, but also for many yard games you can play with your guests while lunch or dinner is getting ready. We will suggest a lot of funny and interesting games and in agreement with your family and friends, surely there will be something that all will like and enjoy.

1. Egg Race

Egg race

This old but gold game is very simple and available to everyone. All you need is a couple of spoons and a box of eggs. If you want to make it a little bit harder you can suggest tying one of each player's hands so they must carry the egg using only one hand and the spoon.

2. Water Balloon Fight

Water Balloons

Summer is here, so water games should be an indispensable part of your backyard fun. Good thing is that you don't need to fill up every balloon with water separately, today you can find balloons that are easy to fill up with water in bulk. Once you got everything you need, make teams and the battle can start.

3. Hula Hoop Contest

Hula Hoop

Another easy game and competition you can arrange is with a hula hoop. They are still pretty much popular and people like to rotate their hips to see who has the best balance and can last longer. Just like the game before, you can teams and find out who has wonky hips. Also, another great thing about the hula hoop is that you will easily burn the calories you gain from the BBQ.

4. Potato Sack Race

Potato sack race

Most people won't have classic potato sacks but that's fine because you can improvise. Try to use a pillowcase, it's perfect for the kids or maybe sleeping bags for adults. You will also need some lanes to set up a racing track and that's it, the show can start.

5. Bottle Bash

Bottle bash is a fun tossing game where you throw a frisbee and try to crash the bottle on a pillar. For this game, you will need two or four players. Rules are that one person throws a frisbee while the opposition tries to catch the frisbee and the bottle before they fall on the ground. You will get two points if the bottle falls and one point if the frisbee falls on the ground. 

6. Lawn Darts

Another interesting game you should try at your next BBQ is lawn darts. It's pretty much the same thing as wall darts but this one you can enjoy in the fresh air in your backyard. As the name says, your mission will be to aim the darts that will be on your lawn. For this, you will need a set of aim rings and lawn darts. Place targets in your backyard and aim.

7. Bocce Balls

This game has a long history since ancient times and today comes in many varieties. You can play it in teams or just against your friend. The team or a player who gets closer to Pallino (that means smaller ball) gets one point. The winner is a team who first collects 12 points. 

8. Horseshoes

You can use horseshoes for exciting backyard games. It's pretty easy to learn how to toss it but you need to be very handy in order to win. All you need is four horseshoes and two pickets. Put the pickets 40 feet apart but if that's not possible, adjust it to your backyard. If you ring the horseshoe around the picket you will get 3 points and 1 point for being close and by that we mean 6 inches from the picket. The winner is who gets 20 points first. 

9. Balloon Dart Board

We already told you about lawn darts, but another great backyard game can be balloon darts. For this, you can use the remaining balloons from a recent birthday party. You can stick them to a huge piece of cardboard and make your own dartboard. You can create a shape you want and mix many different colors. 

10. Kan Jam

Kan jam is a game very similar to playing frisbee but here you have a target to hit. Here you throw discs toward a can and your goal is to score or get 21 points and be the winner. You will have a partner and he can assist you. If you hit the can you will get one point but if you manage to hit it inside the first slit you will be the winner automatically. 

11. Badminton

Badminton is a game very similar to tennis. Players also have racquets to hit a small plastic projectile known as a birdie over the net. Round is over when 'birdie' hits the ground. Badminton is a game perfect for backyard and BBQ.

12. Volleyball

Volleyball is probably the most popular backyard and BBQ game. All you need is a net and ball, and you're good to go. Players use their hands to pass the ball over the net. If you manage to pass the ball into the opponent's field and it touches the ground you got the point.


This was a list of 12 relatively easily available games for which you already have almost everything you need in your household. The next 10 games will be giant games and by that, we mean well-known games but only in a much bigger version for your backyard. Also, you will need to order and buy these games but it's a perfect addition for your next BBQ. 

13. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

BBQ and drinking with your friends will be much more funnier with this old but still very popular game. Just like the game, we all play on paper, but this one will be on grass in your backyard. You will need 8 rods and tape to make playing fields and of course, 9 plates with 'X' and 'O' symbols. 

14. Giant Bowling

Bowling in your backyard surely sounds fun. A giant bowling set usually comes with a large bowling ball and pins you need to take down. Rules are simple just like in standard bowling - you need to take down pins as much as you can. Every single pin and ball are huge, so it's really hard not to hit at least a few pins.

15. Giant Beer Pong

Another great game for your next BBQ could be a giant beer pong in your backyard. For this, you will need 12 big buckets to use as the cups and 3 giant balls to use as ping pong balls. Don't fill these buckets with beer and take the game literally, otherwise, you will have a really bad time. 

16. Giant Jenga

One more exciting game especially in this giant version is Jenga. It's a mix of strategy and stamina where you arrange a series of blocks into a tower. Later, each player needs to carefully remove a block and hope that his move won't bring down the whole tower. 

17. Giant Yard Dice

With getting a set of giant yard dice for your backyard you can play almost every dice game with your friends and family, ideal for your next BBQ. Yahtzee, Bunco or Yamb, or even drinking games such as Mexican or Chase the Ace, take your pick and enjoy. 

18. Giant Playing Cards

After dices, you can play with giant cards as well. Every card game, including drinking games too, can be played with huge cards and the best thing is that you can play on grass in your backyard without a table. 

19. Giant Beach Ball

The giant ball can be a great source of fun and can be used for anything you imagine. You can play giant volleyball or giant catch. But you must be careful not to destroy anything in your backyard because this ball measures over 12 feet in diameter and surely will tower over you and your friends. 

20. Giant Twister Game

The giant twister game may cost you more than any other game on this list but this is an epic game with a huge base that measures at least 15 feet x 15 feet. These sets also include a giant spinning wheel so you can select each color: blue, yellow, red, or green. 

21. Giant Checkers

Giant Checkers is another interesting game and doesn’t require a lot of movement because it's a more strategic game. It's a board game classic but even funnier in a giant version. Rules are the same just like in the original game. Each player starts with red or black checkers and you have to move them on board without letting your opponent ''jump over'' you and take you off the board.