Why is my hot tub cloudy?

Why is my hot tub cloudy?

Cloudy hot tub water can be a very frustrating occurrence. You just came dead tired from work and the first thing you want is to lie in your hot tub, but the water you found it is cloudy and dark. Find out the cause of this unwanted scene in this article. The reasons are indeed many, and we will list the most common ones. The main problem is that in a hot tub, a relatively small part of the water belongs to a person, and in combination with the high water temperature, it is an ideal base for the formation of bacteria. A lot of bacteria enter the water through your skin and if they're not controlled, they multiply very easily in the described conditions.


Main causes of cloudy water

Our own body

Yes, as we mentioned in the introduction, our dirty bodies are a major water pollutant in a hot tub. The combination of sweat, urine, feces, various fragrances, lotions, creams, and various other dirt and impurities leads to the development of bacteria and cloudy water.

Poor sanitizer levels

In the example above we see how our body pollutes water. With the application of an appropriate and strong disinfectant, this problem can be controlled. However, if the disinfectant is weak and ineffective the bacteria will continue to accumulate. Too much of it can cause various diseases, so do not skimp on hot tub maintenance equipment.

Water chemistry

Improper water chemistry can also be a problem. Incorrect pH level or alkalinity leads to the formation of limescale and cloudy water. Here the most important thing is regular and tidy maintenance. It would be advisable to keep records of your water quality data. Proper water chemistry is extremely important for clear water. Otherwise, your disinfectants won't be successful either.

Calcium hardness

Another reason for cloudy water could be a high level of calcium in the water. You can easily test your water with test strips and adjust the water as needed.

Problems with pump

If the pump is inefficient, water is poorly transmitted through the filtration system. This immediately leads to water transparency problems. The problem arises when the pump doesn't run long enough during the day to filter the water. Some pumps run automatically, while some have to be started manually, so pay attention to that.

Problems with filter

Another common cause of dirty water is clogged filters. The main task of the filter is to remove all small impurities from the water. This is achieved by passing water through a filter that retains impurities. It's to be expected that after some time the filter will be full of impurities and therefore inefficient.

The air in the system

You’ve probably seen for yourself what water that has air in it looks like. When you pour water into a glass, at first it looks cloudy until the air escapes. The same thing is in the hot tub. Small air bubbles give the water a cloudy look. The water in this case doesn't clear because it is constantly circulating.


Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons for cloudy water in your hot tub. Luckily, you can influence almost all of them. The key is in proper and regular maintenance and if you stick to it, you can enjoy clean and clear water whenever you want.