What to do with deer poop in the yard?

What to do with deer poop in the yard?

Deer are truly beautiful creatures that we could observe all day so you surely will enjoy the view when they appear in your yard but other than that beautiful sight, deer can do real damage to your yard.

Your neat backyard can very quickly become quite messy and full of deer droppings. Deer like other animals often eat, so besides the feces, they leave behind, they can also eat the plants in your yard.

Now when you think about it a little better, that fairytale scene when you see deer in the yard is a double-edged sword. Yes, deer are beautiful animals but they also can create many problems. You certainly don’t want your lawn to become someone’s place to defecate but if that happens, here's how you can solve the problem. Also, deer poop may be useful to you.


How to get rid of deer poop

Whether it's your pet's feces or in this case, deer poop, the first thing you'll do when you see it in your yard is try to remove it. Especially if you are fertilizing the lawn and investing a lot of money, of course, you want your lawn to be tidy.

Deer droppings are full of nitrogen. When a larger amount of feces is mixed with the grass, the grass gets a lot more nitrogen than it really needs. Nitrogen is healthy for grass but in larger quantities, it can be harmful. Therefore, as soon as you see a larger amount of feces in a smaller area, remove it immediately.

Harmful bacteria were known to be found in deer droppings, so if you have children, it wouldn’t be wise to let children play on the lawn until you have cleaned it. Remove feces with a shovel despite the fact that it stinks a lot, but it's something you have to do. Put the feces in a plastic bag, close it well, and then throw it away.

Deer Poop

How to use deer poop

You can use feces as fertilizer. If you are one of those people who would rather do something on their own than go and buy, then this is a great idea for you. We know that fertilizer is quite expensive so why not make your own? You’ll know exactly what you’re putting on the ground and we don’t even have to mention that this procedure won’t cost you a dollar. Of course, the quality of fertilizer made from deer droppings will depend on what the deer feeds on. You can mix the feces with other ‘ingredients’ from which you normally make fertilizer, this way it won't be too strong for your plants.


Why did deer appear in my yard

The main reason for the appearance of deer in your yard is plants and food. The deer has a great sense of smell and will certainly peek into your yard if food is readily available to it. Always when they run out of food in their natural habitat due to drought or winter, they will look for it in your yard.


Be careful

Because of the bacteria that can be found in deer poop, the elderly, children, and pregnant women shouldn’t come into contact with it. Once you have made the fertilizer, let it stand for 40 days before you put it on the lawn. This is enough time for the fertilizer to become safe from bacteria. Compost the fertilizer at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.



When deer poop appears in your yard, the easiest way is to remove and clean your lawn with a shovel. If you are diligent, you can make fertilizer out of it. Choose the option that suits you best. When it comes to small amounts of feces, you can clean it yourself, but in case there is a lot of feces in the yard, you have the right to call a landscaping company in which case you are not obliged to do this stinking job yourself.

If it occurred to you to shoot at them here you can read whether you are allowed to hunt deer in your backyard.

Over 30 million deer live in the USA so it is no wonder that deer are creating a problem for you and that you are asking for help in solving that problem.