What is the difference between red and green laser levels?

What is the difference between red and green laser levels?

Today, most leveling devices are with green or red laser. A red one is still probably the most popular and most used but green lasers could make you wonder did you pick the right one? In this article, we will talk about the differences between these two products. While red laser is a more economical option, green is brighter to the human eye, but also more expensive and will spend more battery power. So, how to choose the right one? It depends on your needs and of course, on your budget. 


The main difference between red and green laser levels

Let's start with the main difference between these two and it's power. Red laser can reach about 20-30 feet, on the other hand, green is much stronger and can reach up to 60 feet. This is very important information if you're working on bigger areas such as roof lines. Keep in mind that the green laser will more battery power and can be harmful to the human eye if you are exposed for a longer period of time. 

However, despite all, today most lasers levels are red. The only explanation for this is economics. It's much easier to create a red lasers levels than green ones. All you need in this case is a diode, a lens, and some electronic operation. They also have multipurpose use. You can found and use them as pocket pointers, as medical equipment, or levels. Low radiation is another good thing about them, and they're completely safe for your health. 

Green laser levels aren't that safe for your health and eyes. Actually, the human eye is most sensitive to green color. Because of that, today we have protective goggles for many green displays. The same thing is with laser levels. It's true that green light is more visible than red, but you will pay more for that also. 


Which type of laser level should I go for?

It all depends on your needs, if you are involved in construction, it is definitely a better choice green laser level. Prepare yourself for battery changing more often but go for lithium batteries if you can, to save some money. However, if you're using the laser level for more economic purposes, then go for the red laser. 


Green laser level - pros and cons


- excellent visibility and brightness (even twice as good visibility as the red laser, perfect for both indoor or outdoor work)

- green is more visible to the eye (green laser us more energy, therefore it's more visible to the human eye)

- can cover a longer distance (it can be projected on longer distance and surface)


- high price (diodes are much more expensive than red ones, also green laser light have more components and require more maintenance)

- consumes more energy (you will need to change battery more often, they operate at high temperatures so diodes are more harmful)


Red laser level - pros and cons


- It's relatively cheap (compared to green laser it's much cheaper, red diode is much cheaper)

- fairly readily available (since you can use them on almost every work-site, you will find them in every bigger store)

- low energy consumption (batteries aren't cheap, and in this case, you won't spend a big amount of money, they simply consume less amount of energy than green ones)


- shorter visibility (it's much shorter compared to green laser level, not suitable for larger projects)

- not suitable for outdoor work (a red light dissipates pretty easily during the daylight)