Is backyard camping safe?

Is backyard camping safe?

We all loved to go camping as children and today with work and commitments we can hardly take the time to go camping whenever we want. So the question comes to mind, can we camp in the backyard, and if we can, is such camping safe? Can we let the kids camp in the yard? Yes, it’s possible but this doesn’t mean that every yard is safe for camping. Yard security can be affected by a variety of factors and to make sure your yard is safe, answer the following questions.


Is your neighborhood safe

Do you feel comfortable among your neighbors and do you trust them? Do you think you know your neighbors well or is there still a dose of doubt? If you still suspect it might be a good idea to check to see if your neighbors have been convicted of crimes like rape and you can easily find this information on the internet. If you find that one of your neighbors has been convicted, be careful. Data show that as many as 80% of former convicts tend to repeat the offense within 10 years. To protect yourself, even more, it would be good to have a locked fence or your camping tent. Criminals will in most cases then go somewhere where they are more easily allowed to enter the yard. The fence will not only save you from burglars but also from animals that may appear. Also, motion-detecting lights can be of great help to you as they can scare away potential criminals. These precautions will help keep camping in the yard safe but if you live in an area where crimes often occur, it may be better not to take the risk.


What climate do you live in

You need to consider how low the temperatures will be during the night as well as what the maximum daytime temperature is. This is a very important factor so if you find that temperatures will drop below zero overnight, postpone camping for another day because you don’t want to risk freezing or hypothermia. On the contrary, if you choose a day with extremely high temperatures for camping, it can lead to heatstroke. If you happen to suspect heatstroke, call a doctor. Symptoms are increased thirst, nausea, vomiting, weakness, headache… What you need camping, whether you are camping in the backyard or somewhere else, are sleeping bags. You need to buy a sleeping bag according to the temperature in the area where you live, so you will need a different bag for summer and winter and also, different sleeping bags for children and adults.

Backyard Camping With Kids

Is the weather forecast suitable for camping

Even though the day may have seemed sunny and warm, you can’t know what the night will be like. Take a look at the weather forecast so that you are not surprised by rain and bad weather in the middle of sleeping outdoors. No matter how close your home is while camping in the backyard, there’s no need for a bad forecast to ruin your plans. Therefore, choose a day but also a night when nice and calm weather is expected.


Have you surveyed the yard

If you let the kids camp in the yard, you know they are very curious. Therefore, you must secure the yard from all sharp objects and anything else that could injure the children. This applies to all areas where children play, you must always specifically secure that area!


Are there bugs and insects in your yard

Imagine letting the kids camp during a summer evening and everything is full of mosquitoes outside. They are not only annoying but can also transmit various diseases and create stings and wounds on the skin. The most common diseases transmitted by mosquitoes are malaria, yellow fever, western equine encephalitis, and dengue. Consider the fact that more than a million people die each year from some mosquito-borne disease. Of course, a small number of mosquitoes will not cause such severe consequences (as would a swarm of mosquitoes) so it will be enough to smear children with mosquito repellent. If, on the other hand, there are too many mosquitoes or other unwanted 'visitors', take extra care or leave camping for another time. Insects can also cause problems in the tent, which you can read about here.


Do you plan to light a campfire

If you plan to light a campfire, you need to know that it is not safe to light a fire next to children. Children may accidentally burn something, get burned, or simply not know how to avoid the smoke that blows toward them so they can inhale the smoke which leads to burning eyes, coughing, and can even lead to bronchitis. Instead of a classic fire, you can light a gas fire, just for the sake of the atmosphere. If, on the other hand, you decide to light a real fire, do not leave the children unattended, at least not until the fire is completely extinguished and the embers have cooled.


Did you ensure the supervision of the children

We cannot leave children unattended even in a house where they are relatively safe and especially not somewhere outdoors where there are numerous dangers for them. You must have often heard that a child drowned in a well or that they cut off their finger, drank fuel, and so on. You don’t want this to happen in your backyard either so keep an eye on them all the time.



Backyard camping has a number of advantages over classic camping. It’s cheaper, you are provided with electricity, and the internet, you do not have to climb into the woods, it does not take much time but it is not always very safe. Therefore, before you decide to camp in the yard, it is necessary to take all measures to make that camping as safe as possible. If you are unable to accomplish any of this, then probably camping in your backyard will not be as safe as it needs to be.

So, with proper preparation, you can safely camp with your family in the backyard and have fun!