Is a hot tub good for flu?

Is a hot tub good for flu?

The last thing you want in today's fast and busy life is to catch a cold and flu. Nothing is worst than nausea, a stuffed nose, and a terrible cough.

Luckily for you, there are some methods that can relieve those tough symptoms and you don't need medicines and wacky herbal teas for that. All you need to do is dip your body in a hot tub. Warm water can efficiently relieve symptoms and make you feel better soon. “The Doctors,” the Emmy-winning show has proved all the health benefits hot tubs can bring to you.

Even if you're not sick, laying in a hot tub can relax your body and sanity before night's sleep and in the next chapters, we will explain it in more detail. 

The positive effect of hot tubs

Hot tubs initiate two processes that are vital for your battle with the flu.

Firstly, the hot tub raises body temperature. Flu viruses won't be cured by antibiotics, it's just a problem that will be gone with some time and one of the best body defense systems is to heat up.

The second important process is sweating which occurred as a result of higher body temperature. Sweating helps release toxins that are draining your body’s sources of nutrients. By sweating you will keep your body clean. Set the heat at the hottest secure level, it's around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It could be unbearable at first but you will get used to it very soon.

This way you will create a false fever that will help you kill the virus. 

Make sure the water is clean

Before you get in, make sure the water is clean and check the chemical balance. An unbalanced hot tub will cause more harm than good, so be careful about that. It's not a good idea to go in a hot tub flight alone if you are ill and your immune system is very low.

You should enjoy the hot tub for about 20 minutes every next few hours as long as you feel sick. In the meantime, try to drink as much as possible. The hot tub will you make sweat as we said earlier and you can easily become dehydrated. 

Woman relaxing in a hot tub

Blow your nose often

It's crucial to blow your nose frequently and to do it properly. Many of us snuff rheum back into our heads which is wrong by experts. Your nose will run because of the warmth. Be sure to have a towel around to parch your hands before you blow your nose. Blowing with too much effort can cause an earache, so be careful. The best way in this situation is to do that by putting your finger above one hawse while you blow and purge the other one. Also, use a salve under your nose. A mentholated salve can be very useful. 

Menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor will help you so make sure you have a fresh dab under your nose when you get inside a hot tub. 

Get the necessary sleep

Getting enough sleep while you are sick is one of the most important things but it's not always that easy. Hot tubs will help you loosen and help you cause sleep when you need it the most. Laying in the hot water your body replies the same way as it would during meditation for example. When you get out of hot water, your body temperature reduces and you will get tired and sleepy. You will sleep more and recover faster. 

Final thoughts

The hot tub is surely one of the best methods you can use while you sick. It will make you feel better, sleep, and breathe better. Be careful while using it, and check your water, and hygiene is very important. If your symptoms persevere or you begin to feel even worse consult your doctor.