How to wash a hammock?

How to wash a hammock?

Like every bed or couch where we spend a lot of time, the hammock also gets dirty. Mud, coffee, and trail mix are most likely to be found on our hammocks after a full season of hanging on them.

If the season is over you might consider cleaning your hammock and that could be difficult because not all hammocks are the same. In fact, there are two types of hammocks - those with spreader bars that can't be removed, and those with spreader bars that can be removed.

Before any action, you need to be sure what kind of hammock you have, read the instructions if you have one, and make sure you understand what they're trying to say. There are many methods of washing your hammock and we will explain some of them.

Soaps and Detergents

Hammocks are made of various colored materials and the method these materials are dyed will determine the reaction on certain soaps or detergents. never use standard bleach on your hammock. It will destroy colors but also can ruin your hammock and leave it unsafe for use.

Some hammocks will ask for mild detergents to stop the colors from bleeding. As we said, read the instructions before washing and don't use anything that can harm the material. In some cases, a regular hand soap will get the job done, so if you're not sure which option is for you, soap can be a great replacement.

Machine wash

This kind of washing is of course for hammocks with spreader bars that can be removed. You can wash your hammock in a washing machine or take it to the laundromat if your machine is not big enough. It is recommended to use strings and tie a hammock below the metal rings and then tie the two ends together before washing to prevent tangling.

Wash the hammock on the gentle cycle. It is always better to wash it twice if necessary on the gentlest cycle than on a rough one because your hammock maybe won't be able to handle it. If you know in advance that you won't have time and patience for hand washing, buy a hammock that’s washer safe. This method can be a real-time saver. 

Washing hammock by hand

For this approach, you will need a big bucket or bathtub because it will be easier. Wash out any surface dirt off the chair before you start washing it. Fill your bathtub with tepid water because if you use too hot water it may damage and ruin colors. After this, add some gentle detergent to the water and slowly massage the hammocks with your hands.

If you have some specific blots on your hammock you can easily scour them with a wet washcloth. When the harder part is done you need to put your hammock under clean water until no soap appears and all the dirt is gone. 

How to dry your hammock

All hammocks are designed to dry really fast, so there is no need to put your hammock in the dryer, you can only do some damage. Always dangle a hammock outside up to dry. if you put it in direct sunlight, your hammock will be dry within minutes. All varieties of parachute materials are very breathable, which means the water will vaporize really quickly. Try to hang it lengthwise to avoid any wrinkles or creases but make sure not to touch the ground and get dirty again. 

Final thoughts

If you know how to treat your hammock, you won't have any problems but if you're not sure go with mild soaps and hand wash to be safe. Of course, you will save some time by washing it in the machine, but you only need to do it once in a while so try to do that properly. You will be grateful next time you lay down in your fresh, neat hammock.