How to store a chainsaw?

How to store a chainsaw?

Every chainsaw likes clean, dustfree conditions.

It's important to store your chainsaw rightly and clean it before putting it away for a while, let's say over the winter. This way it will be ready and perfect for use in spring. Your owner's handbook can help you with some basic information about a chainsaw, but we'll introduce to you some typical steps on how to store your chainsaw.

How to store your chainsaw in a few steps

First of all, let the machinery cool, you need to be sure there is no gasoline left in the reservoir, gasoline lines, and carburetor. It is recommended to add a fuel empennage to the gas reservoir to inhibit the fuel from making gum deposits. After you did this, run a chainsaw for about three minutes at least to diffuse the stabilizer through the fuel model.

After this, take away the chain and rod from the machinery assembly. Make sure you clean all filth and dust from the drive gears, chain rod, and chain. Also, clean oil and filth from the chain drive gear. It's a good time to sharpen your chain or even set up a new one. After you put the chain and chain rod back, adapt the chain tension, and put the chain snaps into place by pulling it away from the rod.

Oil the chain and envelop it in some textiles. The exterior metal surface also needs oil to prevent rust. Remove the air breather and clean it according to the handbook. Most air breathers can be washed in soapy water, but read the instructions to be sure. 

Take away the spark plug and bank two teaspoons engine oil into the spark plug hole. After you did this pull the starter rope about 10 times to allocate the oil. Replace the spark plug as it's said in your owner's handbook. Take look at the old spark plug, tacky ones indicate unfinished afterburning of the fuel. Also, don't forget to clean the air filter and strain nuts and screws. 

Store the chainsaw in a clean, dry warehouse if it's possible, ventilated, and protected from the water. Keep it away from direct rays of the sun and of course children so it's best to store it in a lockable room.