How to stop tree sprouts from stump?

How to stop tree sprouts from stump?

If you just cut a tree in your backyard, the ugly stump scene surely grabs your attention. If you ever wonder how to stop tree stump from sprouting after the work is done, this article will help you and give you some ideas. After cutting, stumps can still sprout, it's most probable in early spring. Most people think that cutting will give enough sunlight and space for the vegetation, but stumps are also something you should take care of. No matter how big or small the stump is, he will sprout eventually. Some kinds of trees like cottonwood can sprout long after they've been cut as long as their roots are in good condition under the ground. 


Burn it

Burning the stump can be very effective against sprouting potentials, but this action can be very dangerous and you must be aware of your surroundings while doing that. Burning will destroy the stump completely and kills all his plans to regenerate. First, you need to drill some holes with drill at least 10 inches into the material. After drilling, you must pour kerosene into the drilled holes and give them some time to absorb it. Light it up and turn your stump into ashes. Charcoal also can be used for this. All you need to do is to put it on the stump's surface and light it up. It will burn the stump completely, this method is preferred if you want to protect nearby plants.


Use a killing herbicide

This method, however, should be your last option if every other didn't work for you. You need to apply herbicide on a fresh stump. It's recommended to do it 30 minutes to 1 hour after cutting the tree. There are two ways how can you apply this chemical. Depending on the tree you can brush it or spray it. Since the trees are cut down mostly in the spring, you should use herbicide also in the spring. Always be careful while operating with chemicals, for your health but also because of other greenery beneath and around the stump. 


Stump grinding

This is always a good and recommended method, especially if you can't apply already mentioned herbicide because of other plants and vegetation. You can always call and hire a stump grinder, so professionals will do the job, but you can do it all by yourself if you know how to handle heavy equipment and follow all the instructions. You need to grind the stump about 6 inches into the ground to be completely sure it's destroyed. However, if you have 3 or more stumps, it's better to hire a stump grinder. 


Epsom salt

If you are shorter at your budget at the moment, some items you have in your house can also help with this problem. It's Epsom salt. With magnesium and sulfur as the main constituents, this ingredient can help the growth of the plants but also prevent their growth. If it's added in moderation it can help the plant, but if you put in excess it could kill the plant completely and that's what Epsom salt can do to the stump. In bigger amounts, Epsom salt will absorb all the water from the stump and kill him in the end. For this method, you will need to drill a few holes on the stump's surface. Holes must be at least 8 inches deep. Add Epsom salt and water in the end to fill the holes and your work here is done. 


Dig up the stump

If none of the previous methods suit you, you just can simply dig up the stump and solve your problem. Of course, this will demand more energy but it's a great option because this way you won't hurt other vegetation around. For digging you will need a shovel. Dig around the sprout a few inches to the ground. Take the sprouts out and cover the ground. This way you will starve the root and that will prevent him from producing more sprouts. 


Protect it from the sun

If the stump is deprived of two main ingredients for life - sunlight and water, he will die. You can shield the stump from the sun by covering it, at the same time you will protect it from moisture too. Without these two, stump will suffer. This method will take a lot of your time and test your patience but it's completely free and anyone can do it. It will take you about three to six months to completely kill the stump this way. You can combine this method with Epsom salt as well for better and faster effects.