How to stop tree branches from growing back?

How to stop tree branches from growing back?

Every tree owner knows that when the time comes, branches must be shortened. It’s necessary to cut the branch correctly because otherwise, it will grow again. All branches take a lot of nutrients from the tree but since some branches aren’t needed, it’s best to remove them and create space for new, useful branches. Removing one branch allows the growth of another. This way, we can shape the tree without destroying it. The shape of the tree isn’t the only reason why we cut the branches. The main and most important reason for this procedure is the health of the tree. The dormant season is the best time to cut branches. Here we will show you how to do this and don’t worry, it’s not that hard, you can do it by yourself.


Type of tree and needed tools

First, you need to determine the type of tree because it may be a tree that requires special requirements such as a particular season and the right timing when it can be trimmed. Once you have determined the type of tree, it is necessary to find the right tools. Tools have to be sharp and clean because blunt tools can only damage the wood and then all the work makes no sense. You should have a trimmer, loppers, hand pruners, glasses (for safety), measuring tape, permanent marker, handsaw, wedge, hammer, black latex paint, and paintbrush.


Removing branches for tree health

Cutting the tree branches is important because of many reasons but the main one is the overall health of the tree. The focus is on dead, diseased, or dying branches. Cutting them, the sun will have an easier path to pass through the whole tree. It also will have the tree become much stronger and be able to withstand strong winter storms. 


Removing branches for safety reasons

Today people don't pay to much attention to the dangers that can occur because of heavy branches. It's actually a great reason why you should trim them. This way you will create even more space in your garden for your friends and family. Well-pruned trees are the healthiest ones while less maintained trees are a danger to people and properties. In some cases, less maintained trees can be so big and high to reach electrical lines or even block traffic. Depending on where you live, keep in mind possible strong winds and hurricanes. It can be disastrous.


Removing branches for landscape maintenance

You can create your ideal tree by removing certain branches to get the right shape you want. You can also play with the fruiting of trees and form them in a specific size. This way you can create and control the appearance of your garden and backyard.


Cutting part

Tree branches will grow back if it's not properly pruned. So, before doing anything, look and consider the size of branches you are about to trim. Find the branch you will cut and locate the branch collar (look for a circle, a ridge, or thick bark). Remove dead, weak, overlapping, unwanted branches. Start cutting at a downward angle (at a 45-degree angle) because in this way we prevent water from entering the wound, which otherwise leads to rotting. Make three cuts. The first one you should cut around ¼ inch above any bourgeon that looks on the outside part of the plant. The second cut is beyond the notch we created (about one inch away from the first cut) and the third one is made on the tucker of the tree timber. Let the cuts dry and heal on their own.

Cutting Tree Branches


Best time to cut

Most trees need to be cut during the dormant season, in winter. During that time there are the smallest chances of disease and pest infestations in the open cut wounds. Also, in that period there are no leaves on trees so you can spot the branches that must be removed easily. Keep in mind that some trees like maple trees aren't ideally cut in the winter period. They bleed sap if you cut them in cooler times, while in spring when there are leaves on, they won't bleed. Summer isn't the perfect time for cutting, but if you are an experienced gardener, you can manage tree growth by slowing down branch development by pruning it during hit days. However, if you aren't able to cut the branches during the recommended season for them, you can do it at any time, just avoid rainy days.


Final thoughts

If you are a plant and tree lover but at the same time you want a clean and fresh garden then cutting branches is an activity you must do from time to time. Always plan ahead and try to adjust the way of cutting depending on which tree you are working on. Right timing is also very important. Good luck!