How to rot a tree stump fast?

How to rot a tree stump fast?

Sometimes it's necessary to remove the tree. Reasons can be different but one most common is an unstable tree due to a lightning strike. Trees also like humans age and die naturally. They also can carry many diseases and pests. Damaged trees can be dangerous and many lives have been lost because of that. After the work is done, the only remaining part of the tree is the stump. In this article, we will show you how to take care of tree stumps. 


How to solve the tree stump problem?

When a tree dies in a natural way, it actually takes 3 to 7 years to decompose completely. This time isn't the same for every tree of course. That depends on many factors such as tree type, climate, moisture, etc. Humidity is very important if you want fast decomposition. Trees usually are cut and the remaining stump is about waist height. The stump is redundant and a rather ugly detail you wish isn't there. In our previous article, we talk about how to hollow out a tree stump and make something useful out of it, but sometimes removing the stump is the only solution. You can go for stump smasher, burn it all or maybe find a way how to rot it quickly. 

In most cases, tree stumps won't represent a big problem and can be left all alone to finish the rotting process but if we talk about your garden and backyard it's better to remove them or turn into something useful. In smaller areas like gardens, fallen branches and trees can be huge obstacles. For example, framers must remove all stumps while building fences and local government must keep public spaces clean. 

As we already mentioned, if you are creative enough you can turn it into outdoor furnishings or birdbath. The only problem could be a stump position in the backyard, sometimes it's not in the appropriate place. 

Think twice before burning it because it has many negative effects as well. Smoke from the fire can harm everyone around and keep in mind that fire could last for a few days until the stump is completely gone. Also, there is always a danger of underground burning that can be very difficult to control. Buildings and other trees are in danger too, so there are definitely better options for you. 

One of them could be grinding a stump, but it's a very expensive method. The tools you need are expensive and pretty heavy. Professional tree service could do that for you. Their grinders will grind rots and stump into small pieces. This is a quick and effective way but it will cost you. 


Remove tree stump with chemicals?

Today, most common products for this usage have potassium nitrate, while others have alkalis that rot the lignin in the wood. Lignin is a binder that gives the tree its rigidity. If you go for this method, you must apply the chemicals once a week, and of course, while doing it be aware of the risks, follow the instructions and use protective equipment. 

When the tree is removed and there is only the stump left, use your drill and drill a few holes on the top of the stump and on the sides to the ground level. Then pour the chemicals inside the holes and make sure the hole is full of it. Use hot water to wet the stump but not too much so that the chemical doesn't dilute. Use a trap to cover it and check it every one to two weeks. Add water if the stump is dry and wait until it becomes soft. This method isn't fast but it's very effective. 


Remove the rotten stump

Now when the longer part of the job is done and the stump is soft, it's time to remove it completely. If you have a strong back, digging is probably the best option. Pull away the stump as much as you can and then dig around it to get rid of roots. Cut all the roots with an ax and remove them from the ground. Once you did it, the remaining parts can be easily burned and it won't take too much time to finish it. When the wood is removed, fill the hole with soil and seed a lawn maybe? It's up to you.