How to mix a chainsaw gas?

How to mix a chainsaw gas?

Maybe you are a new chainsaw holder or you planning to buy one for yourself? If so, one of the major questions will be how to decently fuel it? If you try to operate something with the wrong fuel it can lead to expensive repairs, something that everyone wants to avoid. In this article, you'll find out how to mix a chainsaw gas step by step. Today, most chainsaws are established with 2-cycle engines that demand a mixture of oil and gas to work for you. Oil is combined with gasoline and that way it can grease the inner parts of the machine.

Some useful information about gas, oil, and canisters

Gasoline quality is very important for your chainsaw and her engine. It means you should never use a cheap one and never use petrol with ethanol. At minimum use an octane grading of 89. Fuel with lower an octane rating probably will increase the engine's temperature which will lead to damage to internal parts. 

Most chainsaws today demand a special oil to be combined with gas. It means you can't use standard motor oil from your car for example. Regular oil lack several properties and it will act negatively on your chainsaw. Make sure that on the oil you buy have the inscription 'two-cycle' or '2T' on the canister. When you're mixing oil and gas it must be done in special canisters for keeping fuel. The cans we all have at our home are not convenient because they're not good enough to resist the pressure of expansion induced by temperature changes. Recommended canisters for use are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM).

How to mix a chainsaw gas - step by step

Your gas probably will take a 40 to 1(40:1) or 50 to 1(50:1) gas mixture. Always combine fuel in an open or good-ventilated area. The first step is to gather all your material and that includes 1 gallon or more of 89 octane gasoline, 3 or more bottles of 2-cycle oil, and of course your chainsaw. 

The next thing you must do is open an authorized canister and infuse half of the gasoline. Step 3 is to pour oil needed for your chainsaw 40:1 or 50:1 mixture and after that close the canister and jolt it for about 15 seconds. When you did this, open your canister and add the rest of the gasoline. Shut the canister and jolt it one more time for 15 seconds. The last thing you need to do is open your chainsaw fuel reservoir cap and pour the mixture until it's about 80% of the reservoir's capacity. 

Other useful informations

- never combine gas and oil direct in a chainsaw's tank, do it in UL or FM canisters. 
- never refuel your chainsaw while it's still running, always exclude it, wait to cool, and then pour gas.
- never start a chainsaw if there's fuel on your clothes, chainsaw, or near you.
- never smoke whilst mixing or using the chainsaw.
- never put into storage your chainsaw with fuel in it. Run the chainsaw until the reservoir is empty or dispose of the gas into an authorized canister.