How to measure trampoline mat?

How to measure trampoline mat?

If you consider buying a new mat for your trampoline, you may wonder how to measure it and find out the right dimensions you need just to be sure your new mat will fit correctly. This is a very important and sensitive item because the mat size needs to be as close, otherwise, the mat could be too loose and you won't be able to jump as you like. Too tight a mat is also bad and can be unsafe. 

Measure the width of the steel frame

As the first step, you should measure the diameter of your steel frame from one external edge to another external edge. To get the right number, it's best to imagine your trampoline as a clock from a top-down view and make two measures. The first one is from the 12 to 6 o’clock location and the second one is from the 3 to 9 o’clock location. The mean value of these two will be your diameter. Also, you can round your result to the nearest number. For example, if your final result is 14 feet 15 inches, round it up to 15 feet. Don't forget to measure only from one to another external edge, don't measure the trampoline mat because it stretches due to usage. 


How many rings have on your old mat?

After diameter, the next thing you should do is to count v-rings on the trampoline mat. It can be tricky and frustrating so make your starting dot and get to work. The total number of rings usually can be divided by 12 but that's not always the case. To be sure, we suggest you count it two or even three times just to be sure. In case you don't have an old mat, you can always count holes with the rail of the trampoline frame.


Measure springs longitude

When it comes to springs, you should take four or more of them from the trampoline and measure from the end of one hook to another hook. The mean value of these four springs will be your spring longitude. During this process, springs must be unstretched. If the spring you include in this measurement is stretched, take it out of the process because even minor differences can cause a lot of problems. Under-measuring will result in more tension, which means your new trampoline mat probably will tear apart. On the other hand, over-measuring, as a result, will have an awful bounce quality.


Final thoughts

Certain parts of the trampoline wear out due to time so does the mat. Before buying a new one, make sure you did all these steps we mentioned earlier correctly. There is no hard work there, but it's necessary if you want to enjoy your trampoline just like before.