How to lock your tent?

How to lock your tent?

Going camping should be a vacation for you and your family, you should be relaxed without any worries, but is it possible? Imagine you went for a walk and the tent remained unsupervised and open. Did it occur to you that someone might steal food or anything else that’s inside the tent while you aren’t around? You would feel safer if you could lock the tent and we're here to show you how to achieve that. The tent must be secured always and especially at night, no matter where you are camping. Of course, camping in the camp will be safer than somewhere in nature where there are no other people. Still, you can't trust anyone so it's advisable to lock the tent even though you are part of the camp.


How to lock a tent?

With lock

In order to keep thieves away from the tent, you must secure the tent well and you can do that with the help of tent locks. The locks are placed on the zipper of the tent door. When the thief intends to enter your tent, he will need much more time to get inside. A lock is a problem for a thief, and after a while, he would probably give up stealing. This is the safest method of protection against thieves and generally the best way to lock a tent but it's not omnipotent either. A thief who is determined to get inside, with a lot of effort and time will succeed, but most of them will simply give up. 

If you are afraid of thieves, don't wear a self-seeding tent for camping, because in that case, even a lock won't help you. The danger will be not only thieves but also animals, like raccoons. The animals don’t care if you have a lock on the tent or not. If you notice that the animals are close by, rustling around your things, go out and drive them away.

Try to make the lock as invisible as possible because realistically, most people don’t have a lock on a tent so it might seem interesting for thieves who could think you’re hiding something valuable inside. Therefore, you can place the lock on the inside of the tent or on the bottom and cover the bottom with something to make the lock invisible.

PS. Not to mention that locking makes no sense if the keys are also not secure.


Without lock

Besides the lock that protects the safety of the tent, to be extra safe you will need to take some other measures. Each of these measures cannot fully protect you but the more of them you take, the safer you will be.

The first thing you can do to protect yourself is to pack just what you need and things of little value if possible. Don't carry expensive and valuable things with you on camping. In case you carry something valuable with you and you must leave the tent, put those items under sleeping bags and not somewhere visible. It would be good to keep more expensive things locked in the car where it’s even harder to get them. When you go to sleep, try to keep valuable things in a tent with you or as close to you as possible.

Another good method of protection is to choose a safe camping site. Make sure that the camp is as close to the road as possible because as a rule, such camps are safer. In case you want to camp far from everything, try not to be completely isolated because it will be difficult for you to call someone for help. Just as animals feel safer in a pack than alone, so do humans. The more campers nearby, the safer you will be. In addition to the fact that a lot of campers will hear you and help you, thieves avoid such places because there is a high chance that someone will see them.

And another method: alarm. You can set a 3-wire alarm around the tent. They are cheap and effective because they will be loud as soon as something approaches you.



Although every tent can be closed, not every single can be locked. You must purchase the lock separately. Use it only when you really need to secure something valuable and go camping to safe campsites where you will be surrounded by other campers. In that case, you will be able to sleep peacefully while camping knowing you are safe.