How to keep your flag from wrapping around the pole?

How to keep your flag from wrapping around the pole?

If you want to elevate the personality of your backyard, a flag, or a few flags could be a great idea. It will give a new impression to your property and at the same time, you can show loyalty to your country or favorite sports team. Many people like to fly the flag on their front porch during Thanksgiving or the Christmas holidays but the wind often spoils the atmosphere and the flag ends up wrapped around the pole. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to deal with the wind and keep your flag from wrapping around the pole. 


Rotating flag pole

So, let's start with the first solution and it'll be a rotating pole. This is probably the best option if your flag is directly connected with your home. Usual flag poles don't rotate and with the strong wind around your flag will surely wrap around the pole. The rotating pole, on the other hand, is specially designed to keep your flag straight. They have special rings that turn automatically when the wind occurs. You can hardly go wrong with this investment.


Anti-furling kit

Another pretty good option will be an anti-furling kit. These kits and devices will also help you against the wind. The principle of their work is similar to the already mentioned rotating poles, so they or certain areas of poles rotate together with the wind and prevent wrapping. Keep in mind that these you can buy only as kits, so make sure that the size of the kit matches your pole. 

Pole with American Flag

Buy heavier flag

If none of the recently mentioned solutions don't suit you, you can simply buy a better and heavier flag. Of course, the weight of the flag depends on the material they were made of. Today, the main materials for the flags are cotton, nylon, and polyester. 

Cotton is a traditional material for flags. Cotton flags look nice and elegant but definitely aren't the best choice for outdoor use. The main reason why is because of the rain. rain soaks them and in combination with a strong wind, it can't be good for your flag. Even if you have a heavier cotton flag that won't wrap around the pole, bad weather will shorten its lifespan. 

Nylon, on the other hand, is opposite to cotton when it comes to waterproofing. So if you are buying any outdoor item, nylon is a great choice as the main material. However, on this topic, we talk about flags, and nylon flags are very lightweight. That's a huge problem because even the slightest breeze will cause wrapping around the pole. 

Polyester is last on the list, but probably the best choice for your flag. It's a heavy material, but strong and durable at the same time. The polyester flag can withstand even the strongest wind, but keep in mind that only with stronger wind your flag will fly.



This is an additional investment, but very effective, especially in places where strong winds blow. You can't control the wind but you can control the place you will place the flag. When choosing an area pay attention to the environment, or simply install a windbreak. Big trees, hills, or fences can also be used as a windbreak and help you with this problem. This may not be the best solution but surely can reduce the risk of your flag being wrapped. 

Final thoughts

It's very frustrating when your new flag is tangled around the pole but luckily there are many options you can go for. It also depends on your budget and how much are you willing to spend on this issue, but we're sure that some of the above will help you to make your flag fly high.