How to keep neighbors from parking in front of my house?

How to keep neighbors from parking in front of my house?

Having your own parking spot in front of the house is a real treasure. On the other hand, seeing someone else's car parked in your place is a real nightmare, and very likely that someone will be one of your neighbors. If you are friends with your neighbors or you just don't want to argue with them about a parking space, you are probably interested in how to solve this problem in a peaceful way? In this article, you can find out more about this issue and how to deal with it. 


Can you even ask a neighbor not to park the car in front of your house?

Before you start demanding that your neighbor stops parking in front of your house, you need to make sure do you have a legal right to ask for it. Of course, you can't ask for something just because it bothers you, without a legal basis. So, the first thing you need to do when someone else's car bothers you is to check local regulations. If a neighbor's car is parked on a public road in front of your house, you can't do anything about it but if it's private property, you can. If the parking space is reserved for someone else, you also can’t do anything. Therefore, if the law allows, you can interfere with solving the problem.


Talk to your neighbor

First, try to solve the problem by talking. This is the most decent option possible, just be calm and friendly. The neighbor may not have known the place was yours or had another justifiable reason why he parked there. Give your neighbor a chance to explain to you why their car was parked in your place and you try to explain to him why it bothers you. After the conversation, ask the neighbor not to park the car there anymore. With mutual understanding, the problem should be solved.


Leave them a note on the car

After talking to a neighbor you realize that the problem is still there — the neighbor's car is again parked in your spot or in front of your house. What can you do now to avoid conflict? You can write a note reminding your neighbor of your earlier conversation. Let the content of the message remain friendly, without threats. You can write the message by hand (make it legible) or print it out. Here's an example of what a note should look like, just put your details.

''Dear Neighbor John, I remind you of our conversation last week about parking your car in front of my house. I thought we had reached an agreement and I still hope we did. Once again please don't park the car there because it bothers me. Thank you for your understanding.''


The note is best put in the wipers to make sure the wind hasn’t blown it away.


Set a warning sign

It seems that whatever you try to do, your neighbor is still disobedient. Now is the time for a little more extreme measures because the ones you tried earlier didn’t work. In the place where the neighbor persistently parks the car, place a sign that says "DON’T PARK HERE". You can buy signs cheaply or you can make them yourself. Place the sign so it can be seen from all directions without obstructing traffic. Also, you can set up a camera. People are more hesitant about cameras and signs than messages. This is a great way if you also have strangers parking in front of your house and not just neighbors because it applies to everyone.


Anticipate neighbors

Who first-his! Park the car before the neighbor does. This isn’t the most civilized way to solve the problem but you have no other options. It’s evident that you are fighting with a very rude and unreasonable person, so your kindness doesn't pay off here.


Call the Authorities

When nothing really helped, this is the last way to "defend" yourself. Besides being the last, it’s the most effective. Here again, we add that the property must be yours to be able to defend it legally. The police can warn the neighbor not to park the car in front of your house anymore and if this happens again, the neighbor will be fined or it may even cause his car to be towed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be done by the police, it can be done by some other competent agency, depending on local regulations.



Try to solve the problem in this order. Don’t call the police right away if you haven’t talked to a neighbor about the problem. Give him a chance to explain why his car is parked in front of your house. When you see that a neighbor has turned a deaf ear to all your attempts, you have no choice but to legally protect your property. We hope that your neighbors won't be so disobedient as to lead you to the last step but that you will reach an agreement through conversation.