How To Keep Geese Away From Your Backyard Pond?

How To Keep Geese Away From Your Backyard Pond?

Building a pond can be quite fun, but it's also a very time-consuming task, which is why we want to protect our ponds and our gardens as much as possible. Whether you have had geese as your pets or experienced wild geese entering your property often, we are sure you know how destructive these animals can be. Not only will they often return to your property, but they also create nesting sites and ruin flower decorations.

They might also leave fecal matter everywhere, which is never a nice sight. They will essentially give you extra work, and no one wants that. If you want to see how to keep geese away from your pond, we have prepared some fantastic advice. You have to try different things and see which method works best for you and your garden.

Put up fake nests

For some reason, geese and swans don't get along, and since swans are usually more territorial and aggressive, geese will often leave areas where they notice swan nests. If you put up a fake nest near the lake, this might scare the geese away and make sure they don't come back. You can do the same thing with sculptures and drawings of coyotes or alligators, but you have to make sure you put up the species that the geese in your area will recognize - something local.

Plant more flowers and bushes

Geese like open spaces because they want to be alerted by possible predators and danger, so they do not reside within crowded, bushy areas. If you make your garden busier with various arrangements, you may notice that geese don’t find the area as interesting anymore. You can also put up sculptures and decorations, anything that will make the area look very small and inhabited.

Do not positively reinforce the geese

If you decide to pet them, touch them, or feed them, they will surely keep coming back. Geese can often be very lazy animals, which is why they like their food served to them. If they think that you are their caretaker, they will keep coming back, and they will inhabit your garden. It's very beneficial to mention that geese do not fear humans unless physical threatening is involved.

Get a dog

Geese are scared away by dogs, and dog-like mammals, which is why getting one, or having a sculpture of a wolf, coyote, or jackal does a great job at scaring these birds away. If you already have a dog, just let it spend more time in the garden. You don’t even need to train it, it will run after geese as soon as they enter your property.

Audio deterrents

As previously mentioned, birds are scared of various animals, but that doesn't mean that you have to ruin the look of your pond by putting up sculptures or visual deterrents. You can also look into audio deterrents, which produce noises geese usually hear when in danger or when a predator is approaching them. If you do this, you don't have to change your garden's aesthetic, but you can ensure they never return because they remember that your land means danger.

Buy a liquid goose repellent

If you don't know, there are EPA-approved liquids that keep geese away from your ponds. These mixtures usually contain ingredients like grapeseed extract and various other smells that geese do not enjoy. They will also get irritated, which means that they will surely stay away the next time. The liquid is safe to use both around people and pets, and they are applied directly on the grass.

Lay a net around the area

Garden netting is inexpensive, but it's a practical way to protect your ponds. They will physically keep the geese from ruining anything, and you just have to lay the net down. Then, of course, you can put it alongside the bank of your pond or your lake. This method is removable, but it will protect your garden from much more than simply geese.

Put up reflective bird tape

Reflective bird tape is also a cheap solution, and you can put it up on the net for additional security. If you don’t have the net, you can put it up on wooden and metal stakes that you use around your garden. It's best if you set these up about two or three feet away from the shore, and you'll have to hammer in the stakes making sure they are at least three feet apart.

Scare the geese away

The last method on the list is not as effective as the rest, as it is time-consuming, energy-consuming, and does not guarantee that the geese won't come back. You have to run after them and threaten them with physical pain, which is often inhuman, and many do not agree with this. If you have extra time on your hands, you can chase them around, but they might reappear when you are not home, and you won’t be able to train them again.


Geese do not look like dangerous animals, but they can be quite annoying. They leave fecal matter all over your garden, they eat anything they find, and they ruin your pond by creating nests and rearranging all of the rocks and the decorations. They’re also very loud and can annoy and scare other birds, which means that you won't hear any nice chirping in the morning.

Keeping the geese away from your pond is not a hard job, but you will probably have to find and try many different solutions. Not all landscapes are the same, and not all geese are the same. We suggest you try the most inexpensive choices first and then move through the list to find something that suits you best. Good luck with keeping your garden safe and sound!