How to keep a tent cool in summer?

How to keep a tent cool in summer?

Summer days are a great choice for camping and enjoying the fresh air. However, the heat can be a problem if you're camping and it’s so hot in your tent that it’s impossible to fall asleep. In this article, we bring you some of the best ways to enjoy summer camping and still keep your tent fresh and comfortable.


Buy the right kind of tent

If you camp more often in summer than in winter, you need to choose a tent that’s ‘‘lighter’’ and in which will be possible to have a lot of airflows. Summer tents are made of lighter materials than those used all year round. The best choice is a tent made of polyester since polyester is resistant to UV rays. Also, nylon tents are a good choice.

Summer tents have several mesh windows that you can keep open during the night. If you opt for a cotton tent, it can also be a good choice but it has certain shortcomings, they are much heavier than polyester and nylon tents and are harder to set up.


Set up the tent in a shady area

A tent under a tree

If you put the tent in a place that has no shade, of course, it will be 100 degrees inside. To avoid this, place the tent under the trees, in the shade. Keep in mind that the sun is moving and a place that was in the shade in the morning may be in the sun in the afternoon. Choose a place that is constantly in the shade or move the tent into the shade as needed. You can set up the tent in a windy area as the wind passing through the mesh windows will further cool the inside of the tent.


Set up the tent just before sunset

Let’s say you arrive at camping at noon and wonder if that's the right time to set up a tent? No, it’s not. The best time to do that is in the evening. It’s advisable to put up the tent every morning and set it up again in the evening. This may seem like a lot of work to you but believe us, it’s much easier to set up a tent again than to have the feeling of sleeping in a greenhouse.


Try to use thermal reflection

Make a roof out of a reflective tarp and put a tent under it. It will reflect sunlight which will help keep your tent cool. Tie a tarp around the trees to secure it. You need to leave enough space between the tarp and the tent for air to circulate, optimally about 12 inches. If reflective tarpaulins are expensive for you, you can also use a simple tarp. It’s important that the sun doesn't hit the tent directly.


Take the fan to camping

If you are in a camp that has electricity, bring a fan with you and an extension cord. In case if you don't have electricity, you can bring one or more battery-powered fans, and they will help you cool down the tent. 


Use a towel

When you start packing for camping, put on a few small towels as well. Soak towels in cold water and place them behind your neck. You will cool down in a second. At night you can put a cold towel on your forehead. This is a super quick and easy way to cool down that provides instant refreshment, not long-lasting.


Go to sleep earlier

The best time to go to sleep while you are camping is during the sunsets. Then you have plenty of time to sleep and rest before dawn. If you go to bed late, the sun will rise quickly and wake you up. Therefore, sleep while it is dark.


Sleep outdoors

Sleeping outside on a Hammock

There are those nights when it's so hot that nothing helps you cool the tent. When this happens, it's best to sleep outdoors, outside the tent. In case this happens to you on a camping trip, bring hammocks with you. Place a hammock around the trees. This way you will cool the whole body because the airflow will be the highest. Bring a bug net as well as a tarpaulin in case of sudden rain.



Sleeping in a tent during hot summer nights can be a real disaster if you are not well prepared. Therefore, choose a tent made of lighter materials so that air can circulate (and you also dress in clothes made of lighter materials). Set up the tent in the shade, open the windows, place a tarp over the tent and you should be able to sleep. Maybe sleeping outdoors can be a good experience. Give it a try and let us know. We wish you a comfortable and cool sleep in summer camping.