How to hollow out a tree stump?

How to hollow out a tree stump?

Before you decide to destroy and rip apart those tree stumps in your yard, you may think twice about that after this article. You can easily repurpose them and make something new and special for your garden and yard. With a little inspiration and improvisation, you can make a birdbath or maybe outdoor furnishings. Actually, there are countless options so don't waste it just like that. In this article, we will show you how to hollow a tree stump and make something out of it. 


Five steps on how to hollow out a tree stump

First of all, start work the day after rain because the wood will be much softer and easier to process. Water will make it much easier. The next thing you need to do is to drill the holes across the area of the stump you would like to make hollow. Holes must be a few inches separated. Step 3 includes a hammer to hollow out the stump. Use a chisel also and use it at a 45-degree angle. When you're done with this part, remove the wood and use it as mulch. The next spet is to smooth the area by using coarse-grain sandpaper. Smooth all edges and bottom of the hollow. The last thing you need to do is to just clean all the dirt and dust from your work. 


Making a planter

We already mentioned birdbath and outdoor furnishings as possible solutions, but one of the most common is actually a planter. This is a great way how to use sometimes even ugly stumps in your backyard. Wood from the stump will also give some extra nutrients to your plants. Remember that with more watering, the stump will rot faster but there are many ways how to make a stump container. 

With little effort, anyone can turn an unsightly stump into a beautiful planter. All you need to do is to hollow the stump out with a sharp tool like an ax and then just simply plant inside the stump. Those who are skilled with a chainsaw can go for it. If the stump is older, you won't have any problems, he will be soft already, especially in the middle. 

Keep in mind drainage holes as well. They will prolong the life of the stump and avert any possible issues with rots if the plant becomes overly saturated so leave two or three inches around the circumference because of that. Another good piece of advice is to put some gravel inside the stump just before planting. 

Once you are done with your work, add compost or maybe potting soil. Another idea can be a container that can be placed on the stump. What you will plant is absolutely on you, you can mix many varieties of flowers and enjoy their development.


Some other ideas on how to use a tree stump

- make a perfect stand for a birdbath

- you can create a board game very easily, painted rocks can be your tool for tic-tac-toe or any other similar game

- you can make a chair for yourself to enjoy a good book in your garden


What about tools

For creative projects like this one, you will need certain tools to get the job done rightly. Chainsaw and a drill are in the forefront. Besides them, you will need a hammer, some nails, screws, and of course, a chisel. In the end, if you like you can paint it and decorate so add the paint to the list as well. 


Final thoughts

To sum up, instead of suffering with the removal of the remaining parts of the stump, in some cases with even less effort you can make something new and beautiful for your backyard. Use your imagination and creation, there are many options on how to use a tree stump, and in this article, you learn how to hollow it out. Now apply that in practice.