How to get rid of wood mites?

How to get rid of wood mites?

The term mites refer to small organisms, parasites that can be dangerous to human health. Most often we can find them in households, on beds, carpets, or pillowcases. In contact with sunlight or under very low temperatures, mites die. Today there are more than 1000 types of mites in the world and we will deal with wooden mites here. 


What are wood mites?

Wood mites are harmless parasites that live in our household. They live in damp and often old wood and don’t bother people, but for hygienic reasons, it would be good to remove them from the household. The way wood mites are removed is similar to the way ordinary mites are removed. You can remove them by yourself, without any professional help. 


How did wood mites appear in your house?

There are two most common ways a wood mite can occur. Do you use a wood stove? If so, there will likely be a lot of mites on the wood you bring in from the yard. If you don't heat the wood, the mites will enter differently. During the Christmas holidays, you bring a Christmas tree into a house that was previously outside, thereby risking the appearance of wood mites in your home. Be sure to throw the wood out after the Christmas holidays, vacuum the whole house and disinfect it to prevent the spread of mites. If you have noticed wood mites in your home, it wouldn’t be bad to look at houseplants and also disinfect them as the mites may have found their way to them as well.


How to remove wood mites?

The first thing we need to do is find the mites. Wood mites are white, similar to fleas or ordinary mites, and can be found on decaying wooden surfaces. Inspect all areas where you suspect mites have appeared and this may be on houseplants, not necessarily just wood.

Find a source of moisture or mold in your home and get rid of it because mites will grow there the fastest.

Thoroughly clean the whole house, start vacuuming the mattress, and then move on to carpets, pillows, floors. Don’t skip any part of the house. Vacuum under furniture, in corners, under curtains, everything! Put pillows, sheets, blankets, and the like to wash (at 60 degrees) and you continue to wipe the floors, windows, shelves, anything that comes to mind.

In the second step, it is necessary to buy an insecticide against wood mites. The best insecticides are Prevent-A-Mite and Black Knight. With this insecticide, you will get rid of wood mites but also other types of mites. Disinfect all other surfaces. These sprays have a strong smell so that the smell of the spray would not bother you, spray from a safe distance.


Can I prevent wood mites from reappearing?

Yes, you can but you need to get rid of all the moisture from your home and if this is not possible because you live in a humid area, we advise you to buy a dehumidifier or install central heating instead of using a wood stove. This way the air in your home will be dry and wood mites don’t like dry air. As for the plants, throw out any plants on which you have noticed silky threads as this is a sign that the mites have developed.


Are wood mites dangerous to health?

We know that mites are the main cause of asthma and other allergic diseases but in this case, you don’t have to worry. Wooden mites are completely harmless to humans. To conclude, wooden mites with their appearance won't do much damage but if there is already a way to get rid of them, then why would you allow them to settle in your home? Get rid of moisture and mold, regularly clean and disinfect your home to ensure dry air and wood mites will surely avoid your home.