How to get rid of skunks under your deck?

How to get rid of skunks under your deck?

Many homeowners have problems with the skunks who visit them, and the place they especially adore is the deck and the spaces under it. The skunk is known as an animal that emits a horrible odor if they feel threatened. Although at first glance they seem like cute animals, they are actually real pests.

Skunks are also known as aggressive and destructive animals that can make a big mess in your yard. If you notice them visiting you between April and September you are probably dealing with a mother and babies. It's a time when skunks are looking for dark and safe places to raise their young.

You can also expect skunks in your trash cans because they are omnivorous and not picky about food. Skunks don't attack humans, but most people still fear them and don't feel comfortable in their presence. In this article, you will find several methods and ways to fight these small pests.


Close the trash cans

Let’s start with the already-mentioned trash cans. If you leave them open overnight and the bags inside them loosely tightened, you can expect a visit from skunks or some other rodents. Just like raccoons, skunks are smart and resourceful when it comes to food. They are able to remove the lid from your trash can and look for leftover food. It can be a very ugly sight tomorrow morning. To avoid this you should buy lockable trash cans. Also, if you are composting, you should use compost bins. Otherwise, you have created a new source of food for rodents. If you apply these measures, you will reduce the food resources of skunks and thus make your yard less attractive.


Natural food sources

Skunks visit you and live below your deck precisely because of the constant sources of food. Inexhaustible food sources are certainly those natural food sources. By this, we mean berries or nuts. Be careful and pick up all the fruits and berries that end up on the ground and throw them in the trash. Skunks also like seeds that can be found under feeders if you have pet birds. So place some protection under the feeders and make sure you clean it as often as the entire yard. This way, you will very effectively drive skunks off your property.


Close the deck

Also, consider the option of closing the deck with panels. Before doing so, make sure there are no skunks below your deck. If you notice that they visit your yard only at night, it means that they are looking for a place to live. In that case, you need to react quickly, and panels are probably the best option.


Set a trap for the skunks

Today, you can find numerous traps that you can set under the deck and easily catch skunks. The problem is how to get rid of skunks after you catch them. We have already mentioned that they emit an unpleasant and dangerous odor when they feel threatened. For this task, you will need protective equipment, especially a face mask. Try letting them into a nearby forest, somewhere safe. This is definitely the best way to get rid of skunks in a humane way. All you need is a little good will and patience.


Light up your yard

Skunks are afraid of light and that's why they look for dark and safe places for themselves and their young. Consider installing lights on and under your deck. To reduce potential costs, you can always install lights with motion-activated sensors. This way the lights come on automatically when the skunks approach your deck.



Chemicals can also be one of the options. These repellents must be placed in specially targeted places on deck and you must reapply them every few days. Skunks will give up your deck as a hiding place within a few days. Ammonia is a great remedy against skunks. All you have to do is soak a few rags in ammonia and place them under the deck. Lemon peel is also used as an effective weapon in the fight against rodents.


Final thoughts

Problems of this type require a little time and effort. As we said, it's crucial to eliminate all sources of food for skunks, keep your yard clean and tidy. If necessary, install a trap or enclose your deck with panels. Also, take care of the proper construction of the deck and the foundations that will prevent easy digging for rodents. Good luck!