How to get rid of rats in my backyard?

How to get rid of rats in my backyard?

Many people have problems with rats in their garden. These little pests can gnaw their way through your vegetables and fruit, ruin your compost or dig tunnels in the soil. Having rats near your home and yard is a horrible experience. You may be tempted to use traps or poison but it can be dangerous for you, your family and pets. It's recommended to apply some methods that deter rats.

How to deter rats?

One solution can be peppermint oil, rats will hate it, so it can be very effective. You can use cotton balls for example and moist them with pure peppermint oil. Place them around your backyard and garden. Don't forget to reapply the oil a few times during the week. Another option could be catnip, so visit a local garden centre, buy some of them and plant it in several places around your garden. Try to plant it near rat nests if you know where they may be. You can deter rats form your backyard by keeping it clean and tidy. Remove piles of wood, pick up fallen fruit, trim overgrown areas and it will surely help. Don't forget to remove any food and water source, also keep your pet food inside during the night. Lids on bins must be closed tightly, don't leave a bigger amount of garbage outside for a long time. Soil netting can be a solution but be aware that some rats can chew through the net. So you can lay a piece of netting under the soil and prevent rats to eat roots. 

If you have any nay gaps or cracks in your external walls, hurry to block it by using appropriate sealant because rats will surely try to get inside your house. 

Eliminate existing rat population

If all mentioned earlier didn't work and you still have a big rat problem, you may think about other solutions like poison baits or mechanical traps. Many people choose traps because the poison is dangerous for us and our pets. There are bait positions, closed poison bait units with small doorways for rats to protect kids and other animals from getting in touch with rats. That can be a solution, but keep in mind that animals who eat gophers could be hurt and poisoned rats can crawl inside your house as well. Considering that, using live, electrical, or glue traps is probably the best method. They will work in most cases and are pretty cheap. 

Final thoughts

We recommend you to try to deter rats with methods described in the first half of the article, and if they didn't work for you try with traditional traps. If you go with poison baits make sure to read carefully the marked instructions and use protective gloves. Good luck!