How to get rid of mushrooms in mulch?

How to get rid of mushrooms in mulch?

One of the most common problems for all gardeners are mushrooms. In the first place, they can make your garden bed looks very messy but also their presence can be dangerous for your pets or children if they come in contact with it. Mushrooms like moisture and the major reason why they are in your garden is rain. If you ever wonder how to get rid of those unwanted guests, in this article, you will find some ideas.


The reason why mushrooms are in my mulch?

Mushrooms can grow anywhere, you can find them among trees, greenery, and mulch. With dilapidating organic compost, they get the necessary energy to grow. As we said in the introduction of this article, mushrooms like wet areas, so if there is a lot of rain or you water your garden bed too often, they will show up. On the other hand, having mushrooms means your soil is healthy and in pretty good condition. 


How to get rid of mushrooms?

Now, we will mention a few solutions for you on how to eliminate mushrooms from your mulch. First of all, you should rake the area. With a rake, you must mix up your mulch and then leave it to dry completely. With less moisture, they will have less food source and die eventually. 

If your garden bed is under the tree, he may be missing sunlight. With less sunlight and more moisture, mushrooms will show up easily, so you can trim some of your trees. That can be helpful. 

In some cases, you will be forced to remove mushrooms by hand. If conditions are still humid with organic matter still available, mushrooms will keep growing. That brings us to the next possible step - removing mushrooms affected mulch. 

If your mulch is here for a long time maybe you should consider replacing it? That could be one of the reasons why your vegetation is in poor condition. You can easily remove any mulch by using a garden spade and just add a new layer of mulch. After that, use a rake and mix it all up. Even if there are only a few mushrooms in your bed garden you can add it to compost.

If removing a mulch is not an option for you, you can treat the current mulch by adding some calx to the ground. This won't eradicate mushrooms from your mulch but it will slow down their development and most important will add some acid to your ground. This also can be helpful for other plants if they have developmental problems. 


Use vinegar to kill mushrooms

One of the best natural methods on how to deal with mushrooms is vinegar. the acid in vinegar will not only kill all the mushrooms but also prevent them from popping up again in your bed garden. Wit a few easy steps you can completely destroy mushrooms in your bed garden.

Firstly, use one part of vinegar with four parts of water in a spray container. After you have made your liquid, spray it all over the mushrooms but don't forget to wear protective glasses. Always keep the spray about 5 inches away from the mushrooms while spraying. Spray directly on them, avoid other plants and grass. When the job is done, leave the vinegar for about 3 days to kill the mushrooms. If there is any remaining living mushroom, repeat the process. When they're all dead just remove them from your mulch. 


Final thoughts

Depending on how much mushrooms are in your bed garden there are several methods on how you can deal with them. Consider the situation in and around your mulch and apply the right one. However, sometimes mushrooms will just keep popping around your mulch and you simply can leave them. Use that to your advantage and add some ceramic mushrooms too for a better atmosphere. Keep in mind that having mushrooms isn't that bad because they turn organic matter into nutrients in your garden and also prove that you have good, healthy soil.