How to get rid of mice in the backyard?

How to get rid of mice in the backyard?

It is much easier to notice damages caused by mice inside your house than outside in your backyard. Most people realize they have a mice problem in their yard too late when damage is already done. Getting rid of mice is not a simple task. If you notice them, your yard is probably favorably place for these tiny pests. You need to understand their routine and find a place where they could be hiding and then develop a strategy on how to get rid of them. 

How to recognize the mouse and what damage can he do?

A mouse is a tiny rodent with big ears mainly gray or brown and can grow up to five to seven inches long with a long tail. It's harder to catch them on the act because they are busy at night. As we said they operate mostly throughout the night or morning but if you see him during the day it could be a much bigger problem and a serious sign that you are having a problem with an infestation. Also, a mouse nest can be found under rubbish, timber, or around sheds so check these places. Sadly, the only other way you will know for these little pests is when damage is already done. Uneven surface, tunnels all around, seeds, and crops are eaten are some of the obvious signs you will notice. 

How to deal with these pests?

Using poison or trap can hurt or kill an animal or even worse hurt your family, pets, or the other animals so think carefully before this solution and go for it only if every other suggestion failed. Despite that, there are some traps that can humanely catch a mouse and you can put them around your backyard. These traps are with baits like cheese, crackers, or bacon. Other possible ways include natural store-bought repellents. That means you can plant sage, rosemary, or lavender in your garden to repel mouses. You can fill bottles shutters with ammonia and like traps put them around the yard. Smell like urine will scare mouse off. There is also a device that produces a sound that is incommodious to mice and his cost will depend on the mark. 

Keep your backyard clean from ruins and woodpiles. Keep your compost and garbage cans closed and don't leave pet's food outside during the night. Make your yard inaccessible by sealing the holes where they enter with steel wool. If nothing of mentioned didn't work for you, there are local rodent control services that can always help you or provide professional advice at least. Another important thing to remember is that once you get rid of mice in your yard they might go for your home so make sure every tiny entrance is blocked.