How to get rid of frogs in my backyard?

How to get rid of frogs in my backyard?

We all know that frogs are mostly harmless animals and in some cases even helpful in keeping the insect population down but they aren't welcome always. If there are plenty of them in your backyard they can produce very annoying noise that may even disrupt your sleep. Despite the noise, some of them can be poisonous to your pets. However, there are many ways you can get frogs out of your backyard and we'll share some ideas with you.

Investigate the cause of frogs occurrence

First of all, before doing anything try to investigate which species are in your backyard and why are they here. Try to find out if those frogs are on the protected list in your state before using any of the methods that may kill or harm them. After you did this, the next step is to detect where is the problem. Maybe it's your pond that attracts frogs or bug problems? Pests like flies and mosquitoes are the main food source for frogs and that could be the reason why so many of them are at your property. The problem could be your night lights as well. Lighting in your garden could be pretty, but it also lures many bugs, therefore frogs too. Frogs are fearful creatures and like places where they can hide, so if you have a lot of weeds or tall grass, it's most likely for them to choose your yard. As we all know frogs live near water. Standing water is very attractive because of mosquitoes and other insects who also stay around such conditions. 

Some of the methods of how to deal with the frog problem

There are some natural cure against frogs and chemicals we can use. Let's start with natural ways. It can be very hard to get rid of frogs without using chemicals but there are some methods that are successful against smaller populations. They are usually cheap to apply and hardly harm the frogs, which makes them legal in almost every state. You can create frog heaven by keeping frogs only in one area of your yard but that's not the best solution if the noise is your main concern. One effective and good method is to reuse your old coffee grounds. Just sprinkle it on your garden, it will be good for most plants and at the same time uncomfortable for frogs.

Some frogs hibernate, so placing caught frogs into the fridge then later into the freezer will put them to sleep which allows you to remove them to a local lake where they will come alive again and start a new life far from your home.

There are many things and food sources in your backyard and by removing them you'll make your home unattractive to frogs.

Some of them are:

- don't leave garden lights during the night or use a light source that forces back insects.
- maintenance your garden and yard on a regular basis by removing leaves and keeping the grass short.
- eliminate standing water source.
- frogs don't like saltwater, so spray a little bit on your pathway and other surfaces.

The toad had lost in our yard

If some of these mentioned methods didn't work for you, we need more fundamental measures. It is well known that the fastest and most beneficial way to get rid of a frog is to use chemicals. These methods probably will harm or kill frogs so it's important to make sure it's legal in your state.

Heat is very effective even it's not chemical. The heat will dry off eggs, all you need is to put captured eggs on a dry, hot surface and let the sun do the job.

Herbicides are also effective by sterilizing male frogs but you can use it on every species, keep that in mind. Pesticides are also very good and with them, you will reduce frogs food sources. Frogs also can be poisoned if they eat insects who have been stated to pesticides.

Final thoughts

To sum up, before any action make sure that you're doing it the legal way. It can be a hard task, but here are many humane ways to get frogs out of your backyard. Take your time and figure out which way is the best for you. Good luck!