How to get rid of armadillos under the deck?

How to get rid of armadillos under the deck?

Armadillo or in some areas known as long-nosed armadillo is a common pest in the United States. Their height is about 6-10 inches and length 2-3 feet. He hails from North America, but lately, they have become very widespread in the United States, so you can find them under your deck too. Armadillos are known as nocturnal animals, they operate during the night and sleep most of the day. What characterizes them is the great sense of smell they use to find insets and water. Also, they are pretty good at digging so holes all around your backyard is a good sign you have to deal with this pest. In this article, we will talk about how to get rid of armadillos under the deck. 


Signs that you have an armadillo in the yard

The most obvious signs that you have an armadillo in your backyard are holes. As we said in the introduction, these are nocturnal animals who dig at night in search of insects. This in a way can help you if you want to get rid of insects but the main issue about these holes is in their depth and breadth (it could be 9 inches wide and even 20 feet deep). This can be very dangerous to you, your family, and pets. 


How to get rid of these pests?

Eliminate food source

The first step you must do is eliminate all food sources but this won't be an easy job. It's not easy to get rid of bugs and other insects in the first place but if you manage to do that, you will probably force the armadillo to find another shelter. 

Using sprays

Sprays won't work on these pests. The smell of predators often scares pests but armadillo doesn't have any predators in the United States, so this method is out of the question.

Professional help

Of course, the best and easiest way to get rid of armadillos is to seek professional help. They will know how to trap them and move to a safe place. 

How to trap them?

If you have a deck in your yard, armadillo probably won't waste his time digging around because space under the deck is perfect for them. That fact makes it easier for you to catch them. The first thing you must do is to locate all available entrances in your deck and when you're sure you find them all, block them and left one or two open. Metal fence wire is an ideal material for this purpose. At these open entrances leave a trap that will drag the armadillo into the cage at night. Putting food inside the cage isn't the best option because it can attract other pests. The best way is to just let the armadillo walk into the trap.

If you catch one of them be aware that armadillos can transmit leprosy. Although recent research has shown that the danger is minimal, be careful, and try to have minimal contact with them. Also, make sure to contact your local authorities when it comes to the relocation of animals. Be careful while choosing the place where you will leave them. Furthermore, if you are prone to experimenting in the kitchen, you can try Mexican cuisine and cook them, but it's only for the brave ones. 


Final thoughts

To sum up, armadillos can be a real problem but nothing that is unsolvable. You need to be fast to react when you notice the first signs of them in your backyard. Trapping and taking them away to a safe place is the best method, but if you're not sure how to do that feel free to ask for professional help.