How to drain a hot tub?

How to drain a hot tub?

The hot tub needs to be regularly maintained to keep the water inside clean and safe to use. Draining in this case is a very important thing in the cleaning process. This can be a challenge for you if you are encountering this for the first time and surely you will have a lot of questions. When is the right time to drain the water? How to drain the water? Where can I drain the water? These are only some of them. In this article, we will describe how to do it easily. Keep in mind that you should drain your hot tub once in 3 to 4 months to avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals.


How to drain my hot tub?

The first thing you need to do is turn off the switch of your hot tub. You don’t want the tub to heat up or filter while there is no water in it. For this reason, turn everything off at the start.

It would be advisable to use a submersible pump to push the water out of the tub, but if you don’t have one, simply use your garden hose.

Remove the plate from your hot tub and locate the hose slot.

Then fasten the hose and unwind it, choose a location where it's possible to drain all the water from the hot tub without any problems. If you leave it in the yard you could make a flood, instead, bring it to the driveway and let the water flow down your street.

When you have done this, open the hose so that the water can drain away. This is the so-called gravitational drain. The procedure itself will take longer than the one with the submersible pump, but it is equally effective.

When all the water that can pass through the hose comes out, take a wet/dry vacuum to pick up the remaining water. Since our main goal is to keep the hot tub completely dry, if some water remains, wipe it off with a cloth. 

Now you can start cleaning the shell of your hot tub. Here you can use a multi-purpose surface cleaner to remove all dirt and mold.

Use ThermoGloss to polish the surface of your hot tub and thus create a protective layer. Also, while doing this, consider cleaning the filter of your hot tub. They need to be changed every year.

Be sure to check the inside of the tub in the event of a leak. When you're sure the tub shell is clean enough, carefully close the hose opening and gently start filling your hot tub.


Final thoughts

To sum up, draining your hot tub isn't an overly demanding or difficult job, but it is something you have to do from time to time (preferably 3 to 4 times a year). There are just a few things you need to pay attention to, such as turning off your hot tub and taking care of the drainage area. Finally, fill it up and enjoy your clean and fragrant hot tub.