How to dispose of landscaping rocks?

How to dispose of landscaping rocks?

Landscaping rocks can serve as a decoration of your yard but what if you want to get rid of them? Maybe they don’t look good in your garden or they are remnants of the previous owner? What if you can't decorate the garden the way you imagined because of them? How will you remove them? In this article, we will try to help you with some useful tips and ways of how to get rid of these unwanted stones and make your garden shine again.


Try to clean it

Have you ever wondered why you don’t like the stones? Maybe the stones are too dirty so you can not see their true color or shape. Once you clean it, it will look completely different.  A metal dirt sifter is exactly what you will need for this step. Insert the stones into the sifter and try to clean all the dirt with the water hose. If this is the method you have chosen, be careful because of the water that will leak and the yard can become messy so maybe you can try to do this step somewhere where excess water won't be a problem.  If it's a small number of stones, you can achieve the same effect by brushing them.


Use them for another purpose

You don’t like their current purpose? Do you know that there are various ways of using them? For example, you can fill flower vases with them or you can fence off already planted flowers. What do you think of a small rock waterfall in your garden? They can also be used to prevent soil erosion. Except in the ways we mentioned, our favorite way to use them is to decorate your driveway. Any of these ways will complete your indoor or outdoor space.


Give the rocks away

If you don't need the stones, even after cleaning, you can give them to someone who will be able to use it, maybe your friends, family, or neighbors. Except for them, you can donate stones to construction companies or maybe to some shops where you can buy rocks. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of them and at the same time, you can also help someone.


Contact landscaping companies

These companies will be happy to make an exchange. You give them your stones and in return, they will mulch. You both win. Since these are not small companies, they will probably have the mulch you want. Besides getting rid of unwanted rocks you can also save on some new plants you want.


Sell the rocks

You can sell them by yourself or give them to a company that will do it for you, of course, with a commission. If you are selling it by yourself, create an ad in which you need to state the quantity that can be bought, the method of delivery, the price, and other useful pieces of information. You can publish the ad on a website, in a local newspaper, or in any other way that suits you. If you decide to have your stones sold by a company, be prepared for a slightly lower price.



Rocks don’t necessarily have to be something bad. In fact, the way you treat them is up to you. If you are lazy, it is easier to throw them away or sell, rather than to clean them or use them for another purpose. For the lazy ones, you can always pay someone to tidy up your garden and get rid of rocks but be sure to offer it to someone before you decide to throw them away. And for the creative ones, good luck with arranging your garden!