How to clean gutters from the ground?

How to clean gutters from the ground?

With the arrival of spring, we are devoting more and more time to arranging the yard and the jobs that we were unable to do during winter days. One of the things we need to clean are gutters. Although most people avoid this job, it’s a necessary step towards a clean and tidy yard.

Gutters are a really important part of the house, they control the flow of rainwater, also protect our roofs and walls, but over time various impurities enter them. To be able to perform their function when it rains again, the gutters must be clean and passable. While they are dirty and full of leaves and other debris, not only can they lead to roof leaks but they are also a lure for various types of pests, and we certainly don’t want to have them around. Also, gutters need to be cleaned to prevent mold from appearing.

Many people refuse this job because they find it impossible to do it without ladders and climbing, but we are here to convince you otherwise! Gutters can also be cleaned from the ground which is a much easier and safer way. So no excuses, get to work!


Here are some ways to clean gutters from the ground:

Use power washer

This is a great way to clean gutters, although it can be a bit messy. Before you start, it would be a good idea to wear protective gloves as well as glasses so that the leaves don’t fly into your eyes. Depending on the size of your house, you will probably be able to do the job without any climbing. Prepare something to clean the gutters in case you get them dirty. This method is most commonly used while cleaning large gutters.


Vacuum (wet/dry)

Or in other words, shop-vacs. Your vacuum cleaner will probably be too short to clean gutters with, but if you have a store nearby, buy extensions (a set of plastic pipes that you can attach to your vacuum cleaner) or you can even make them by yourself! With them, you will be able to perfectly clean gutters from the ground or perhaps with the help of a chair. This method is perfect if you clean only the leaves or pine needles. The top of the pipe is bent, which makes your job even easier.


Leaf blower

Also, a great way to get rid of leaves that have accumulated in gutters. The most leaf blower has an extension for cleaning gutters, if yours doesn't, same as with a vacuum cleaner, just buy an additional part to be able to clean the gutters. The procedure is as follows: start blowing leaves from one side of the gutter to the other. Repeat the process several times or until you're sure that all the gutters have been cleaned.


Telescopic gutter

This is a tool that you can buy in almost all major stores. It consists of pillars that you can move wherever suits you to make it easier to clean the gutters. Also, have a 'hand' in the shape of a claw that can serve as a handle if you notice that some part is not cleaned. These tools aren't expensive, the price is affordable and despite that, they can do a great job. Coming in a variety of sizes and you need to choose the right one according to the size of your home.


Garden hose

If you don't have any of the above, we're sure that you have a water hose and with it, you can also clean the gutters very well. Using the hose you will only be able to clean the gutters if they are not completely clogged. Put a curved extension on the hose so that you can do the work from the ground. Start on one side and don't stop cleaning until you're done. This procedure is so simple that you should do it at least once per year to make sure your gutters are still passable.

If none of this suits you, then you will have to take the ladders, climb them and clean everything by hand. The advantage of this method is that you will directly see how dirty the gutters actually are. We advise you not to be alone while cleaning with a ladder in case of an accident.


Call professionals

There is another way to clean gutters while standing on the ground: call professionals to clean it for you! If you are afraid of heights, you aren't comfortable working on the ladder, you don't have time or you simply don't want to do this work by yourself, call in professionals to clean everything thoroughly. Various companies deal with this business and in addition to being super clean, they can also install protections on the gutters so that you no longer have problems with the accumulation of dirt in them. Once you install the guards, you won’t have to clean the gutters every year.


To sum up, clean your gutter regularly because if they are clogged you can have big problems. If your house is lower, you can clean the gutters by yourself in many ways, from the ground or with the help of a ladder. If it’s a tall house, hire professionals or help yourself with a telescopic gutter. Choose the option that will be the easiest, most efficient, and above all the safest way to clean your gutters. Clean regularly, you see it's nothing terrible!

If you really want to avoid cleaning gutters, a Leaf filter or Leaf guard might be the best solution for you.