How to clean gutter guards?

How to clean gutter guards?

Today on market we can find many types of gutter guards and their systems, so it's not easy to pick the right one. LeafGuard Gutters are a very popular choice if you aren't keen on cleaning too much during the fall. These products are specially designed to discard twigs, leaves, and other impurities, so water can easily pass through your gutters. Although gutter guards are here to prevent gutter blockage, from time to time you must check them too. In this article, we will talk about how to clean your gutter guards.


What's the role of gutter guards

The main role of gutter guards as their name says is to protect the gutters from all dirt and things that can clog gutters. Most of them work on the same method by allowing leaves and other twigs to be caught and then later blown away. You can find many different types on the market that will fit any budget. Some of them you will be able to install by yourself, while for some you will need professional help. Gutter guards also have many different roles in your household like keeping animals away from your home and preventing them from building nests or maybe if you harvest rainwater, this can help you a lot.


Types of gutter guards

Keep in mind that not all gutter guards are the same. When we talk about keeping leaves and other dirt out of gutters or channeling water, you can find many different options on the market today. We will present you with the five most represented gutter guards you can buy today.

1 - Bottlebrush guards: this is probably the cheapest option you can find on the market today. GutterBrush is the most popular of these types and it's made of heavy-duty bristles. It works in a way to set the guard inside the gutter in order to prevent the accumulation of leaves and small twigs inside. However, many people have expressed dissatisfaction with this product because many leaves ended up stuck behind or on the brush. That's the reason why this is probably the cheapest option.

2 - Foam gutter guards: these are made from porous polyurethane and also work in a way to insert the guard inside the gutter. The foam allows the water to go through the gutter slowly, and also allows shingle granules to go through and gather at the end of the gutter. 

3 - Perforated metal guards: another good option for your gutter. These guards are set under shingles and cover the gutter. They are very effective when it comes to keeping leaves out of the gutter. The only downside of this product is the possibility of overflow because of small debris that can be stuck in the perforations and cause that.

4 - Reverse-curve guards: these are designed to move your rainwater down. Besides this, they will cause leaves and small twigs to drop down as well and move them out of gutters. Be aware of bees who like this kind of construction to build their nests.

5 - Micro mesh gutter guards: these guards have small holes, you can't even see with the naked eye. Usually, they are made of stainless steel. Water can go through, but leaves and twigs will be stopped. Many people think this is the best gutter guard you can find today and it's an ideal option if you search for a maintenance-free system.

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How to clean your gutter guards

Despite many different opinions, you should clean your gutter guards from time to time. It will come in handy and you will have less work to do after a big storm or during the fall. For this work, you will need a cloth, ladder, some hand protection, and a hose, but only in case if you have assistance.

As a first step, put a cloth on the ground around you to catch flying debris but also to protect the lawn and bushes at the same time. With cloth, it will be less messy. The next thing you must do is to secure your ladder, if you have assistance ask them to hold the bottom of the ladder while you climb, also be sure to use all needed safety measures. Hand protection is also very important, so use gardening gloves to avoid being hurt by a sharp twig. Also, put them on before you climb the ladder. Once you got up there, most of them you will be able to remove using your hands. If anything you reach feels stuck, just pull it gently out. When you clean everything with your hands, open your guard if you have a movable one to clean it even better. Don't forget to check inside the gutter. As we already mentioned, if you have assistance, use a hose to flush your guard and remove all remaining dirt. If you removed your guards, be careful while putting them back, make sure nothing is blocked. After you're done, clean the worksite!

Final thoughts

To sum up, the cleaning process is quite simple and doesn't require a lot of time. It's something you must do during the year. Keep in mind that a clogged gutter can cause you a lot of problems and even ruin your roof so don't neglect your gutter guards.