How to clean a patio without a pressure washer?

How to clean a patio without a pressure washer?

A pressure washer is a useful device for cleaning various surfaces, but it’s also expensive and most households don't have it. Even if you have a pressure washer you may not know how to use it properly so instead of a deep clean you would do more harm than good. However, most households still have a patio that needs to be kept clean and tidy.

A patio is exposed to rain and other weather conditions which leads to disturbance of its appearance. With a variety of cleaners and cleaning methods, you can restore the original shine to your patio. So we wonder, how to clean a patio without a pressure washer?

Here are 6 ways how to do it.

1. Get rid of debris

If you notice a lot of dust on your patio, sweep it. If some smaller garbage has accumulated, you can also sweep it away and if you still see that more dust has accumulated somewhere, take a water hose and clean the surface. With the help of commercial cleaners, you can clean the fungi if they have appeared on the patio. Consider that such cleaners can damage nearby plants so choose some that are more environmentally friendly.


2. Use vinegar

You can use vinegar when cleaning almost anything and not just the patio as it is a natural cleanser that isn't harmful. Take a bottle and pour an equal amount of white vinegar and water into it. Sprinkle a little of this mixture on the dirty surface and take a broom with a stiff brush and grate it until it is clean. If you don't manage to clean a part of the surface, pour a little clean vinegar (without water) and wait 10 minutes until the vinegar hardens. Once the vinegar has dried and hardened, you should easily clean up any dirt that's left. When the stains are gone, take the water hose again and clean everything once more only with water.


3. Use baking soda

If you prefer environmentally friendly methods, then the baking soda method should also be useful. Try to clean dirty surfaces with a mixture of baking soda and water. A larger amount of water (1 gallon) per half cup of baking soda goes into the mixture. If you want a stronger cleanser because you have harder stains, then increase the amount of baking soda and decrease the amount of water. The mixture would be best sprayed all over the surface and not just on the stains. When spraying, leave for 20 minutes to dry and same as with the vinegar method, start cleaning.


4. Use bleach

For very stubborn stains or sticky surfaces, use bleach. When using bleach, you have to be extremely careful! It’s a very powerful chemical so keep children and pets away until the whole cleaning process is over. Don't start cleaning with bleach without a mask and gloves because, besides pets and children, you must also protect yourself. Mix the bleach with water and put it in a spray bottle so that you don't pour on surfaces you don't want, but only on specific parts. After spraying, wait 10 minutes before cleaning. Clean the stains with a hard brush (such as a deck brush) and rinse the surface on which you sprayed the bleach with a water hose. With bleach, you can also clean mold that has appeared on your patio or tiles. Also, bleach can help you get rid of unwanted weeds.


5. Use muriatic acid

To remove heavy stains on concrete surfaces try muriatic acid. Take precautions same as when using bleach. Use the product exactly as written in the instructions and the stains will surely disappear.


6. TSP

Mix TSP with water and rub the stains with a thick bristle brush or nylon brush. This is a very effective cleaning method for a patio. You can find this product in almost all stores and after use also rinse the surface well with the help of hoses.


As you can see, cleaning your patio is not such a difficult job when you don't have a pressure washer. There are various cleaners to help you clean your patio. Besides cleaners, you must provide brushes, a water hose, and protection equipment and you are ready to clean! Don't allow yourself to neglect the patio that much it would be impossible to clean it without a pressure washer. Therefore, clean the patio regularly and we're sure it will look neat and preserved! You can sweep the patio as needed (approximately once a week) and try to do a rough cleaning at least once a year.