How to bunny proof your backyard?

How to bunny proof your backyard?

Although they are very cute, rabbits can do a lot of harm to your backyard and especially the garden. Luckily, there are some simple measures that will keep them off your property. Play it smart and be patient, the best way is to use a few methods at the same time. Besides the harm rabbits can carry some sickness and parasites that can be dangerous for you, your family, and pets. If you ever wonder how to deal with them, keep reading because here are some tips.

What to do first?

Firstly, you must be sure that you are dealing with rabbits. They operate in dawn and dusk so you won't see them during the day, only damage they left behind. The most common signs of bunnies in your yard are gaps from digging, tracks, plant damage, and tufts of fur. Rabbit tracks are ovoid, you will recognize them as two bigger footprints in front and two smaller in back. Rabbits eat similar food like deers, the only difference is that rabbits leave a clean cut on the plant haulms. 

What measures to take?

Once you realized that your guest is bunny try to keep your backyard clean, get rid of any foodstuff and your yard will be less attractive. Rabbits generally will avoid large and open spaces like your lawn not to draw attention to themselves. Cleaning your yard you will make it inhospitable for other pests too like mice or squirrels. Probably the most head-on method you can use is a fence. It should be at least two feet high and 6-12 inches beneath the ground. Rabbits can jump over or dig underneath anything smaller than these measures. 

If you put a fence, unfortunately, you didn't do all the job. By putting a fence we keep them away from finding a dependable food source, but rabbits will go for woody plants such as willow, rose bushes as well. Here are some options that may help you like decoys, motion-sensing devices, or sprays. 

You can place a trap of one of their enemies like the coyote. Rabbits have a great vision and are keenly conscious of anything new around them. Your decoy must move around the yard, otherwise, the rabbit will figure out it's fake and not a danger. Motion-sensing machines are another option just like sirens or some products with lights. You also must remove these objects in your yard from time to time so rabbits won't realize there's no threat to them. Using sprays could be a good solution. They will contain an ingredient that is foul-smelling to them. Sprays are especially useful for protecting plants and a very good choice if fencing isn't practical. 

If you try every solution we mentioned here and you still have the same problem you may think about the removal of the pests. But before any action, there are some things you need to know. In most states, rabbits are game animals so that means you can go for them only at a certain period, everything else is illegal. It also depends where you live, your options are limited. Maybe the best would be to call a nuisance animal professional. They will know how to handle this situation the best. There are many methods to get rid of rabbits in peace way. As we said earlier try to combine a few methods at the same time and most importantly be patient, one of them will show results.