How to Attract Starlings to Your Backyard

How to Attract Starlings to Your Backyard

About Starlings

Starlings are small birds in the Sturnidae family. They are small birds with various colors, making them very beautiful to look at. Their name is derived from the star shape they make when flying. They are usually dark with a metallic sheen and lay blue or white eggs. They mainly feed on insects and fruits. They are an invasive species that enable them to actively compete for habitats with other birds. They also live in social groups crucial for their survival from predators such as falcons.

Starlings are essential as they may control populations of insects in certain areas which may be harmful to humans, such as cutworms. They can survive in urban settings and add an aesthetic value to the areas. They can also be helpful as pets giving people companionship. So here are some of the ways of attracting these beautiful birds to your backyard.

Eliminate Any Threats To The Starlings

Starlings are generally smaller birds and would be afraid of more significant threats. Examples include predators such as cats, falcons, and hawks. To attract starlings to your yard, make sure you eliminate or keep the threats at bay.

You should also make sure you remove any visual deterrents that may scare away the starlings. These deterrents may include reflect-a-bird, scarecrows, shiny reflective objects, and predator eye balloons.

Reflective CDs

You may also try removing any sound deterrents that may produce predator sounds that make the birds flee the area. Remove features such as hawk decoys in your yard, which scare away the birds.

Pets like cats should be kept indoors not to chase the starlings and eat them. They are very sensitive and will flee at any sign of danger.

It would be best to consider building them a birdhouse in your yard, especially away from wind and predators. This will help as starlings like to roost, especially during the cold months and when raising the young ones.

Provide Them With The Right Food

Once any threats have been removed, the starlings would feel safe, but it would be better if you gave them a reason to come and nest in your yard. The best reason is food, that is the best food for them.

Starlings enjoy a specific range of food. Their absolute favorite is suet cake. Suet cakes are balls that provide nutrition to birds giving them an instant energy boost. They contain sunflower seeds and wheat with other supplements such as coconut oil and pork fat. They are usually soft and easy for the birds to eat.

Starlings feed

You could also serve them as pellets which are a quick meal. They prefer small food bits due to the structure of their beak.

Another meal they seem to enjoy is dried mealworm which consists of frozen or heated larvae of darkling beetles. Soak them in water to make them juicier for the starlings.

Starlings also enjoy cracked corn. It is the cheapest option but has very positive feedback since birds love them. All you have to do is place them in a tubular feeder and hang it in a tree and voila. Starlings also tend to like peanut butter. It is easier for starlings to feed on.

You might also feed a baby starling if you find one. Baby starlings mainly feed on insects or food that is high in protein. You can give the dog and cat food. Just make sure you mix the food with water. They are easily dehydrated, so they require a lot of water. Water is enough or a piece of watermelon equivalently rich in fluids.

Providing food for the starlings can never go wrong unless, of course, you feed them the wrong food. If you follow the guide above, you will have starlings in your backyard as soon as possible.

Make Sure Your Bird Feeder is Suited For Them

You may have the best food for the birds but having the wrong bird feeder will make the food either inaccessible to the birds or hard to be noticed by the bird.

Do not use a small bird feeder. A small birdfeeder will only accommodate a small number of birds, resulting in the bigger birds bullying the smaller ones, which may cause a fight. So please make sure the bird feeder is large enough to handle the starlings and has enough food for them.

Starlings on Bird Feeder

It is wise to use a tubular bird feeder as it allows the birds to eat at any point along with the cylinder. Also, make sure you place your birdfeeder at the right place for the starlings to locate them, such as on a tree branch or above your porch.

Also, make sure predators cannot get to your feeder as they would chase away the birds. It is also good to make sure the feeder is protected from the wind, which may blow away the food, topple it over or deter the birds.

Musical Bonds

Starlings tend to be described as noisy creatures singing their lives away. They tend to mimic different sounds and, at some point in history, have been recorded to have inspired Mozzart, a musical prodigy. They copy sounds from animal sounds to sounds by devices such as phones. To attract the starlings, you may also interact with them musically by making some sounds while offering them treats. This is a fun way of attracting them.


Starlings are magnificent birds and produce very soothing sounds to most people. Having them in your yard will make it look more aesthetically pleasing while also making your environment lively. The starlings will also help in getting rid of potentially dangerous insects that would be in your yard.

As we have seen, the best way to attract starlings is by using food. If you master their favorite food, how to serve it and where to serve them, the other steps will be straightforward for you to follow.

You should also make sure the starlings are safe from predators as they are the biggest threat to your project of attracting starlings to your backyard. Wake up every day with sounds of starlings in your yard.