How to attract squirrels to your backyard?

How to attract squirrels to your backyard?

Squirrels are truly beautiful animals we can rarely meet in our backyard. In general, they are afraid of people and contact with us. And while some people view squirrels as pests that eat their fruits and vegetables, others would love to see them in their backyard. If you are the one who would like to enjoy their company, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will give you some ideas on how to attract squirrels to your property. Keep in mind that these are very fast animals that are sometimes difficult to catch by sight, but with a few tricks you can keep the squirrels and enjoy watching them. For this, you need to know their habits and the type of food they consume. With this, you will easily create an environment suitable for these small animals.


Squirrel feeder

Squirrel feeder

The first idea is quite logical and involves the installation of a squirrel feeder. The feeder is specially designed only for these small rodents. You have to place it on some elevation like a tree and of course, keep it full of food. Remember that squirrels will get scared if you stand too close to the feeder, so we advise you to watch them from a distance. It's also a good idea to install a camera to make sure that the squirrels are visiting your feeder. Squirrels are known to adore sunflower seeds, so for the first step, fill your feeder with sunflower seeds and expect your little guest. What squirrels like to eat can be read here.


Natural cover

Yard with Trees

Be sure to take care of the natural cover. Your yard needs to be alluring to squirrels, and that means a natural cover. Squirrels don't like to stay in a large, open space. Shrubs, tall grass, or the occasional tree trunk will definitely look tempting to them. This along with a combination of appropriate foods is a winning combination if you want squirrels on your property.




Just like other rodents, squirrels need clean, fresh water. If you give them access to fresh water, they will definitely come back. If you have extra time and will, you can also make a small pond. In this way, you will aesthetically beautify your yard, but also provide a source of water for squirrels. If you go for that option, expect other animals like birds to come. But no worries, it won’t be a problem for squirrels because they will gladly share water with other animals as well.


Plant some hedges and suitable trees


Be sure to consider planting hedges as well. We mentioned earlier the natural cover which is extremely important. Shrubs like hornbeam are great for this because they provide a sense of security for squirrels.

It is very important to emphasize that squirrels adore nut trees. This type of tree is easily accessible and easy to plant. Also, squirrels prefer hollow trees where they can develop their nests. Such trees can grow quite a bit, so prune and maintain them regularly.


Cover the holes

Hole In The Ground

Squirrels are known to be very fast and agile animals, but they are also cautious. Because of that, you should cover all the holes and larger depressions in your yard. This will make the squirrels move more easily and stay on your property longer. Also, pay attention to the gutters in your house. If the gutters are open, cover them as well. The best option for this is to install the wire.


How to enjoy the company of a Squirrel if they are afraid of people?

Feeding Squirrel

This certainly comes to mind after reading. Taming a squirrel by eating out of your hand and playing with you is almost impossible. What you can do is enjoy looking at them but from a certain distance, otherwise, you will scare them. Squirrels will be very careful, but over time they will realize that you are not a danger and get used to your presence. Over time, you will gain their trust.



Perhaps the key thing in the whole story is patience. You can’t expect squirrels to show up in your yard right away if you take all the steps we mentioned earlier. If you live in an urban area, a little further away from the forest, you will wait much longer for the squirrels to appear. It's up to you to prepare the ground, and the squirrels will discover it sooner or later.


Final thoughts

This may seem like a lot of work to you, but it has a lot of advantages. By customizing the yard for squirrels, you can make it even more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. From ponds to planting a variety of trees and shrubs, the choice is yours. We hope that with these tips the squirrels will visit your yard very soon, good luck!