How often should you water your garden?

How often should you water your garden?

With summer arriving, many of you will be looking forward to the next few months where you can enjoy your delicious homegrown vegetables. But, in order to be delicious, you need to water your garden properly. Hot and dry weather can pose a challenge to you. So how much water your garden need? Is it better to water from above or below? These are the most common questions when it comes to watering. Keep reading if you want to find out. 

How much water my garden need?

Nature doesn't always run on a schedule we want. It would be ideal if we just plant our garden and then let the rainfall to do rest of the work. Unfortunately, it's not possible because we live in a relatively dry climate so watering is necessary. The easiest way to check your garden needs water is to just put a finger in the soil and if it feels dry you need to water it. Deep watering stimulates stronger root development. If you water more but shallower it can lead to root development because of evaporation. But also, it depends on the type of plants in your garden. Plants with comprehensive root systems like shrubs will need smaller amounts of water, you probably will need to water them only during a long dry period. On the other hand, young seedlings have limited root systems and will need water on a daily basis. Potted plants almost always need daily watering because their soil dries out very quickly. Still, it all goes back to that simple rule we mentioned earlier. Stick your finger in the soil to test it. 

What time of the day is the best to water my garden?

The best part of the day for watering is early in the morning. It's still cold outside, so water can easily go through the ground and reach the root of the plants. The loss of water due to evaporation won't be too big. However, if you can't for some reason do you watering in the morning, the next best period for that is afternoon or maybe early evening. If you wonder why the answer is the same, it's cooler which means water isn't drained and plants will get everything they need. 

Watering lawns

Besides vegetables, lawns also need care and water. It's not easy to keep your cost low and your lawns healthy. So concentrate on ''deficit watering'' rather than ''optimum watering''. It's important to learn how to use sprinkler timer and turn off irrigation in the cool months between November and April. Also, it's recommended to water your lawn early morning or evening for about 15 minutes three or four weeks a day. If you have and use sprinklers, be sure to check they are working properly. Fixed-spray nozzles are more efficient than rotary type sprinklers. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, be aware of how important is watering your garden regularly. The amount of water is determined by the type of plant you water. If you are not sure you can always do an easy check by sticking your finger in the soil. Once you learn all the habits of your plants and lawn it will be much easier.