How long does Milorganite take to work on a lawn?

How long does Milorganite take to work on a lawn?

If you ever wonder how your neighbor has such a lush and shiny green lawn while watering and mowing it the same just like you? The answer and his secret ingredient could be Milogranite. It's natural and organic compost made from recycled sewage. If you are thinking about using this product you may wonder how long after applying it will work on your lawn? Keep reading to find out that and may more about this fertilizer.


How strong actually is Milogranite?

Milogranite is a very powerful fertilizer that can completely change and breathe some life into your lawn. Different from other fertilizers, Milogranite is 85% organic and mainly consists of nitrogenous elements. These elements will help your plants, in this case, grass, to grow faster, quickly form foliage and ensure the shaping of chlorophyll. These are the main reasons why your grass will be richer and lush than ever before if you add Milogranite. The nitrogenous elements are specific because they release nitrogen pretty slowly. That also means you don't need to worry too much about fertilizing and how often should you do that. Once you did it with Milogranite your lawn is stocked with nitrogen for a longer period of time. Milogranite is harmless to humans and animals which is another good thing about this fertilizer. We already mentioned that it's 85% organic so the chance of contamination is unlikely.  


How long is needed for Milogranite to work on your lawn?

You will see the first results in one to two weeks. To better understand this timeline, we already said that nitrogen releases very slowly, so for the real impact, you must wait a little bit longer. If we take a period of 10 weeks, you will notice how your grass change. Grass grows 2-3 cm per week, so the first results will be visible after two weeks, but as the grass grows, the results will be more visible.


How often should you add Milogranite?

This is the next obvious question for every gardener who works with this fertilizer for the first time. You should add Milogranite once in a period of 10 weeks. If you read the instructions on the label of the product, you will find their suggestion to do that 4 times per year. It's assumed that during the winter you won't add anything because grass doesn't grow with the same intensity during the year. Your location is also very vital when it comes to the frequency of addition Milogranite. It's not the same if you live in sunny Florida or colder New York. The location certainly affects the schedule of adding this fertilizer. 


How much Milogranite should you apply?

For this information, the best for you and your lawn is to stick to the instruction on the label of fertilizer. Always keep in mind that too much Milogranite will do the harm to your grass, yellow and brown lawn is the last thing you want. On the other hand, less amount of this fertilizer can lead to a faded color of green grass in your backyard. So, apply the right amount from instruction to avoid these scenarios. 


Final thoughts

All in all, Milogranite is a very useful fertilizer that will make your lawn shine again. It's easy to use, just be careful to choose the right amount for your lawn.