How long do gas grills last?

How long do gas grills last?

If you just bought yourself a new gas grill or you have an older one that doesn't behave like before, you may wonder how long do gas grills last? Like every product, the gas grill also has an expiration date and when you notice that it's not performing, as usual, you have two options, restore your old grill or buy a new one. It can be a tricky decision and depends on a lot of things. It's not uncommon that repair costs are the same or even higher than the price of a new grill. So think twice before you decide. In this article, we will discuss the duration of gas grills and share some tips on what do to in certain situations.


Signs that something is wrong with your grill

There are many signs that your gas grill is damaged and of course, the first one is if your food is not the same as before. You probably are used to strong, quick heat and if your grill is down to a small flame it could be a big problem and you need to determine the cause of it. We will list some of the most common signs that indicate something is not right: grill won't light, plenty of smoke, damaged regulator, low temperature, low flame, gas leaks, a larger flame from the sides of the burner, yellow flame, other external damages and gas burner problems. So, if you notice some of these signs, the next thing you must do is to estimate the damage and cost. In some scenarios, if you are lucky you will have to replace the part and that won't cost you too much, but if the damage is bigger you should consider buying a new grill rather than fixing the old one.


How long do gas grills really last?

Now, we will give you some concrete answers to the question from the title of the article. A fun fact is that on average, Americans will throw their grills after three years, but grills are made to serve you much longer. Most gas grills can last between 5 and 15 years. A big impact on that will have on the owner's behavior and maintenance. By maintenance, we mean to clean your grill after cooking, keep your grill safe, and replace broken parts if needed. With this attitude, you can enjoy your grill for 10 or more years.


When to repair the grill or buy a new one?

Firstly, you must consider the costs of repairs and how long will it take to be ready for use again. If costs are near or even over the price of a new gas grill, there is no doubt what you should do. Also, keep in mind that some parts don't have a warranty if you are looking to replace them. Buying a new grill is a big investment but if you decide to go for repairing we'll suggest to you what to do. Briquettes, grates, or burners are the most commonly replaced parts. The good news is that all these parts can be found at an affordable cost and you can combine them by different brands and models. Ceramic briquettes ensure an evenly heated surface. Besides them, you can use ceramic tiles also or lava rocks for the same purpose. Today, you can find them for between $30 and $100. Grill grates are one of the most important parts, it's the surface where your meat meets the heat. The material depends on what is produced on your grill and it could be from porcelain to steel. Just as briquettes you can find them between $30 and $100. New ignitors can be found for less than $20, but burners are more expensive, some of them over $100.


Buy a new gas grill

Most of the basic gas grills are pretty simple to repair, but there are some of them that are a bit complicated to deal with, repairing is too expensive, and the only logical solution is to buy a new one. Your budget will play a huge role in this case. You will save some money for the long term by buying a new grill but play it smart and go for one that has all characteristics you want and at the price, you can afford. There are also many questions you have to ask yourself. Do you want a portable grill or built-in, define the heat source, and keep in mind that this is a grill that will last between 5 and 15 years so adjust your cooking style to it. Also, pay attention to the brand because not all of them are equal. Search for online reviews, inquire about possible repairs, and more. Warranty is another important stuff to look for. Burners and other grill parts are almost everywhere under warranty. It can last for 10 or more years, in some cases for a lifetime.


Final thoughts

To sum up, your gas grill will break at some point but it all depends on your care and maintenance. If you clean your grill after every meal and take good care of it, he can serve you for even 15 years. If a malfunction occurs in the vast majority of cases it can be fixed with a small cost but if the problem is bigger you should consider buying a new grill.