How long after spraying 2,4-D can I mow?

How long after spraying 2,4-D can I mow?

Pulling weeds by your hands in the garden can be a very long and harsh job. If you have a serious weed problem on your large lawn, it's probably the best solution to use concentrated weed killer and he'll do the job for you. However, this weed killer known as 2,4-D needs some time to work and kill all weeds so the question is how long after spraying it can I mow? In this article, we will talk about this herbicide, his effects, and of course, the right mowing time. 


What is 2,4-D?

2,4-D is a type of herbicide that kills plants, in this specific case, weeds by direct influence on their cells and their growth. It comes in a few chemical forms, but today most known are salt, ester, and acid form. The real toxicity depends on form. Today, this product is mostly used to kill weeds, it also can be mixed with other similar products for even better result. The first usage of 2,4-D is registered in the 1940s in the United States. It also has been used in the Vietnam War.

If you ever wonder how 2,4-D work, we will explain it to you. It kills plants completely causing the dividing of cells that carry nutrients and water. You can find this herbicide today on farms, household, and industrial areas. But if you applying it, you must be very careful. It can damage your skin, avoid direct contact, even if you breathe it, you can have consequences. So, limit your exposure by following the rules on the label of the product. Also, stay away from sprayed plants until their leaves are completely dry. 


When to spray my lawn?

The best for spraying your lawn with 2,4-D is when the weeds are relatively small and growing, it's usually in early spring. Make sure to spray on windless days with the temperature below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and also two or three days after mowing. When it comes to planting grass after spraying 2,4-D, you should wait at least one month after spraying to seed new grass.

With 2,4-D you can also control nettles in your backyard. If you have problems with nettles in some areas, use this herbicide mixed with one drop of dish-washing detergent on a gallon of spray. To see results, you should wait a couple of weeks. 


When can I mow after spraying 2,4-D?

It's recommended to spray 2,4-D on lawns that are more than one year old. This herbicide should be washed into the ground, so you can mow before applying it. The real question is when can I mow after spraying? Well, herbicide needs some time to work his own way from leaves to roots and if you mow in that period you will shorten the weeds and remove leaves which means there will be less herbicide to work. You should wait one or even two days after spraying to mow. During that time don't water your lawn as well. Keep your children and pets away from the sprayed area also. If the whole process didn't work for you, wait three or four days, and repeat everything again.


Final thoughts

2,4-D is a dangerous herbicide and don't use it on your own. Read all the instructions on the label of the product before work and use protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. After the work is done, hold off on mowing for a few days and keep your children and pets off the sprayed area.