How do I get rid of coyotes in my backyard?

How do I get rid of coyotes in my backyard?

Today coyotes have colonized many cities like Chicago and New York. Naturally, they are afraid of people but with some time they may get used to people's presence, become less fearful and more dangerous.

The main reason why coyotes are unwelcome guests on your property is the horrible mess they left behind.
Coyotes will destroy your trash cans, eat your fruit and vegetables and use your back yard as their toilet.
They can also be a threat to your pets.

All these problems can lead to an even bigger one, diseases which coyotes can carry and infect your family or pets.
Their howl is also very annoying and sounds like a baby crying. While one of them is not such a big problem, several coyotes howling together can be very frightening. 

What to do first?

First of all, you need to verify that it's a coyote who visits you. They are smart animals who operate during the night. Their tracks are just like dogs but coyotes walk in what is called 'perfect step' with putting their back paws into the footprints of their front ones so it looks like one straight line on the ground.

Tipped over trash can is another sign of their presence. Most coyotes are elusive and they will avoid people at any cost. The problem is if you saw them during the daylight, it means they are not afraid of you anymore and can be a real threat to you and your family. 

Coyotes are game animals in most states so it means you'll need a license to hunt or trap them. If you live in an urban area, using firearms isn't an option.

Live trapping is also a problem because there is no right place to left coyotes. They carry many diseases so any contact is very risky. So, considering all of this the best is to give a call to your DNR who will put you in touch with professionals that can handle your coyote problem. But, before that, you must recognize what attracts coyotes to your backyard so they can react properly. 

Coyotes aren't too picky when it comes to food and that's why your backyard is perfect for them. One of the most important things is to simply hide those sources of food. You should eliminate all food and water sources, but also keep in mind when you do it next thing coyotes will go for will be you. Most attacks on people happen when they find it harder to get some food. Possible food sources for coyotes surely are pet food and water bowls, bird feeders or odors from a grill.

Force coyotes to leave you in peace

Just like other animals, coyotes will also seek shelter during colder days. Thick vegetation is an ideal cover for them, as well as the woodpile. Your mission is to make it harder for them to get there. By putting obstacles you will force them onto other grounds.

Fences are a solution but they need to be at least 6 feet high, also coyotes just like dogs can dig their way underneath so pay attention to that too.

Motion-sensor light with alarm also can be used but remember that coyotes are smart and with some time they will understand that alarm isn't a threat. You could use an electric fence as well but only if you don't have outdoor pets. 

Coyote Howling

Avoid tragedy

Never leave your kids or pets unattended in your backyard.
Coyotes who adopt don't make any difference between people and other animals, it's in their nature. They are able to run up to 40 mph and we can't outrun them. But if you do meet them face to face don't run, make yourself larger by waving your hands and shouting to scary them and show you are ready for the fight. Be sure to report everything to your DNR.

As we said in the first sentence of this article, the number of coyotes in big cities is bigger every day. However, there are some answers on how to deter these predators. Use these simple tips on how to make your backyard less attractive and we're sure coyotes won't visit you anymore.