How can I get rid of raccoons in my backyard?

How can I get rid of raccoons in my backyard?

Raccoons are natively located in the US and Canada, but also can be found in Latin America. Adults live in communities of 4-5 raccoons for better protection against predators. These at first sight cute animals can be very dangerous and real pests to homeowners and farmers.

Favorite place in your backyard for raccoons surely will be your trash, but they won't retain only there, next stop probably will be your rooftop ventilator, then your attic and later chimney or even bathroom. Female raccoons do all of this in search of a nesting place. These are realistic scenarios if you don't spot them and react on time.

Despite all the mess they leave behind, the most dangerous thing is the possibility of some serious diseases raccoons can pass onto you or your pets. So, if you or a pet get in touch with raccoons and by that we mean to bite or scratch, you should seek immediate medical help. 

How to detect your problem?

Raccoons are animals who did most of their ''dirty job'' at night, so it's hard to detect them. It's essential to pay attention to any clue they left behind. Tipped over garbage cans, ruined gardens, empty pet food dishes are the most common clues that indicate you have a problem.

There could be many reasons why raccoons are visiting your home. Like we said earlier, your garbage cans are easily accessible, pet food is left outside during the night, you have fish ponds, your backyard and even some parts of the home are habitable for nesting or your backyard has a water source because raccoons like to establish home near the water. Luckily, all of these issues why raccoons choose exactly your backyard can be easily resolved and we will give you some instructions.

How to solve your problem?

The first thing you do should be securing your trash can. When you take the trash out make sure it is in a heavy garbage can with a strong lid so raccoons won't be able to get inside.

Pet food that's outside in your backyard must be brought in before night as the next step.

You should also keep an eye on the bird feeders and carry your feeders during the night.

It's important to keep your backyard clean because raccoons will go for fallen fruit and nuts as a food source. The clean yard will be less attractive to them.

Never provide food for raccoons and told the same to your neighbors because it's not only your problem.

You can also put a railing around your garden, fish pond, or compost pile.

Actually, the most effective way to deter raccoons from your backyard is by investing in an electric fence. It will cost more but sometimes it's the only proper option. Ordinary fences don't hold up good enough so raccoons will usually climb over, dig under or find somehow to get inside. So, your standard fence can become unpenetrable with some small additions.

Disable potential nesting places

When we define how to get rid of all available food in your backyard, the next step will be reducing potential nesting places. If you do this properly, raccoons won't be interested to stick around for a long time. You can do that by simply tidying up your yard.

It's desirable to cut tree branches so raccoons won't be able to reach your roof. There should be a five-foot gap in the space that separates your roof and the first branches. As we said earlier, chimneys are one of the favorites places for nesting. A good idea will be to put a chimney cap but of course, before that, you should make sure there aren't animals inside before putting a cap.

Other methods include using something to scare or trap raccoons. Products with intend to scare off raccoons with loud noises, for example, will be effective only for some period of time until raccoons realize there's no real threat from it.

Trapped Raccoon

Trapping raccoons, on the other hand, can be very tricky if you never do that before. Raccoons can carry a lot of diseases and releasing them in a new environment is also a risk, so this part is better to leave to professionals. It may cost, but professionals will know how to deal with them properly.

Raccoons can be very tricky and when it comes to getting rid of them, the task can be difficult depending on how much work you need to do. With persistence, some of these ideas will surely help you.