Golden Retriever FAQ

Golden Retriever FAQ

The golden retriever is today among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. They are very versatile so you can find them at hunting and working fields, as guides for blind people, or at many competitive events. This is a medium-large dog and he was bread to fetch shot waterfowl like ducks. That's why they got the name retrievers because they have a soft mouth that brings the game undamaged. Golden retrievers adore water. they have a thick inner hair that warms them and an outer hair that is next to the body and repels water. They shed a lot, especially during the change of seasons, so they require great care and brushing. The golden retrievers are highly trainable but you must work at least 2 hours per day with them to see the results. In this article, we will present this breed by answering some of the questions.

Do golden retrievers shed?

The short answer is yes, a lot. This breed moderately sheds hair throughout the year and by that, we mean that you will find some hairs around your carpet and furniture. For most retrievers amplified shedding is during the spring and fall seasons, this is also the period when you will surely think about buying a dog hair vacuum cleaner.

When do golden retrievers shed the most?

As we already mentioned, golden retrievers shed the most during the spring and fall seasons. In the spring they get rid of the winter coat, and in the fall of the summer, one to make room for a new winter coat. The hotter the place you live is, the more your dog will shed because he needs less hair to stay warm, it's pretty simple and logical.

How long do golden retrievers live?

It's generally known that larger dogs live shorter than smaller ones. Since golden retrievers are larger dogs this means they live shorter and in an average of 10 to 12 years. So, 5 years old retriever would be as 40 years old man, to put in comparison. Many factors actually affect the lifespan of dogs, there are golden retrievers who have experienced up to 19, 20 years, but this is really a rarity.

How much exercise does a golden retriever need?

Regardless of age, genetics, and health, it's difficult to answer this question because every dog is different. However, we can try to determine it by age. Puppies should exercise for about 5 minutes for every month they've been alive per day, for example, 3 months old puppy should exercise for 15 minutes. When we talk about adult dogs, working golden retrievers are more energetic so their exercise could be up to 2 hours per day, while your retriever from the backyard will be good with around 45 minutes per day.

Golden retriever puppy

When do golden retrievers stop growing?

By 4 months your golden retriever will reach half its future size. by 6 months it will be two-thirds of its full size. Golden retrievers usually reach full height at one year of age while reaching full weight at 18 months of age.

Are golden retrievers smart?

Golden Retrievers are the fourth smartest breed in the world behind the german shepherd, poodle, and border collies. They are quite easy to train and are as smart as a 2 and a half-year-old child. Golden retrievers can learn up to 170 words. They also can be quite naughty and even destructive if they're not enough mentally stimulated. So make sure to train them daily to be more disciplined.

Can golden retrievers be left alone?

Yes, golden retrievers can be alone in the house but you have to prepare certain things. Keep in mind that the dog must go to the bathroom every 4 hours on average as well as that he must have a constant source of water indoors. Earlier you have to acquaint him with the space and learn certain rules because otherwise you will have ruined furniture and carpet.

Are golden retrievers good with cats?

Yes, golden retrievers get along pretty well with cats as well as with all other animals. They are very social and smart animals that will know how to give space to cats and retreat when needed. However, everything depends on the situation and the number of circumstances, so you as the owner have to work on their relationship the most.

How often should you groom your golden retriever?

They need to be thoroughly brushed once every two to two weeks. Regular care is mandatory. Keep in mind that retrievers can get an ear infection if their ears are not cleaned for two weeks. Therefore, roughly speaking thorough brushing is needed 2 to 4 times each month.

Are golden retrievers loyal to their owners?

Golden Retrievers are well known as friendly dogs that are friendly to people, other dogs, and other pets. They are relatively easy to please, have light personalities, and bond with people very quickly. Also, they are very loyal and there is nothing they would not do for you during their lifetime.

What do golden retrievers eat?

Since the Golden Retriever is a larger breed it is expected that they need a lot of food for growth and proper development. Like other similar breeds, retrievers like to eat dry food, canned food, and a mixture of vegetables and meat so that the diet is not monotonous. It's this mixture of dry and canned food that is best because it also helps those dogs that have digestive problems. It is important to achieve a certain contrast in their diet.

Do golden retrievers bark a lot?

All dogs bark and that is their way of communicating. We have already mentioned that the golden retriever belongs to the calmer and benign breeds so they bark less than most other breeds. They are good guards, but bark occasionally and as needed.

Final thoughts

From all the above we can conclude that if you are looking for a calm, good and smart family dog with a golden retriever you won't go wrong. It really is a beautiful breed, but also a breed that requires a lot of time and care, do not forget that.