Does bleach keep rats away?

Does bleach keep rats away?

Although rats are kept in homes by some people as pets, we assume that you are not one of them because otherwise, you wouldn’t be looking for ways to keep them away from your home. For you, these are not cute little animals but pests that annoy you. Once rats appear, they are very difficult to get rid of. Not only can they damage your furniture, make a mess, and other types of damage, rats can also transmit diseases like Hantavirus or lymphocytic choriomeningitis. We believe you don’t want to spend money on someone exterminating rats from your yard so we advise you to try to get rid of them by using bleach. Bleach is the name for any chemical used to whiten stains.


How does bleach keep rats away?

If you were present in the room where bleach is used, you must have been bothered by the strong smell, so it is with rats. The difference is that the human sense of smell can tolerate that smell while rats cannot. We know that rats have bad eyesight but a good sense of smell, so when we want to lure them, we will attract them, for example, with the smell of cheese and when we want to get rid of them, we use bleach. Using bleach will keep them away but it’s not a permanent solution to the problem. The rats will not disappear, they will just move to a place where the smell of bleach isn’t so strong. If you spray the place where the rats come out, they probably won’t come out of that place anymore and will find a new one. So we repeat, bleaching will not solve the rat problem completely but will certainly help you to keep them away.


Does bleach kill rats?

Bleaches have such a strong smell that even an adult would be very bothered by the smell (if we inhale it for a long time) and couldn’t be in a room where bleach is used without harmful consequences. Against rats bleach can act in two ways, depending on the amount we use-it can keep them away or it can kill them if we use large amounts of bleach.

You won’t get rid of any rats if you just buy bleach and keep it on the shelf so here are 5 ways you can try to solve the rat problem by using bleach:


Spray the place where the rats come out

In large quantities spray the place where you noticed the rats coming out. Leave that place open to allow the rats to escape. Although the human sense of smell can tolerate the smell of bleach to some extent, our advice is to dilute the bleach so that you can stay in the home despite the strong smell.


The nest needs to be disinfected

In addition to the intense and strong smell, bleach can also serve as a disinfectant for rat litter. When you apply bleach to that surface, it will kill viruses and bacteria and as we have already mentioned that rats carry various diseases with them, this step is necessary. Disinfection is especially important if there are small children in your household. Use gloves when disinfecting and don’t sweep the place you disinfected because that way you will only spread bacteria all around.


Add a little bit of peanut butter

The strong smell of bleach will keep rats away but if you want to attract them and poison them with bleach, we advise you to add a tablespoon to two of peanut butters. Rats like the smell of butter and it will reduce the strong smell of bleach. This way you will more easily succeed in what you set out to do. Once bleach enters the stomach of rats, the stomach will be damaged and the rats die from these consequences in a day or two.


Make balls soaked in bleach

When you find out where the rats come from then just sprinkle bleach there but what if you know you have rats in the home but don’t know where they come from? You can be creative in this step! Make balls of cloth, dip the cloth in bleach, and place the soaked balls in all the places you suspect the rats might come out of. As the soaked balls are distributed all over the house, the rats are more likely to disappear.


Close places through which rats can enter the house

All holes, sockets, and other places through which rats can enter your home, spray with bleach or put soaked balls in their pores. If the rats cannot enter the house, then they are not a problem. You can also do this preventively if rats appear in your neighborhood. Rats will appear where they have food so prevent them from feeding near you (close the food in your home, store it, close your pet food too and throw it away after eating ...).


Final thoughts

Bleach can help you get rid of rats. If you entice rats to take bleach into their bodies, then you can kill them with it. Due to the strong smell, it will be difficult but that is why the mentioned peanut butter helps you. Try to take advantage of these tips before you set aside a mountain of money on rodent control.

PS. If you decide to solve the rat problem with bleach, keep in mind that it whitens things so be careful where you spray it!