Do mosquito foggers work?

Do mosquito foggers work?

Each summer people around the world spend millions of dollars on several control mosquito products, from a little bottle that will cost you a few dollars to foggers which are much more expensive. The main reason why we do this is to enjoy summer nights in your backyard, but also don't forget about diseases and viruses that mosquito can transmit. The question we will try to answer you in the best possible way is how effective are foggers and similar products against these little, annoying pests. The short answer to the title of the article is yes. Foggers are effective and some of them can last for 72 hours. The problem is that this is only a temporary solution and fog will weaken after a while.


When to fog?

Let's start with timing and it must be evening and time when mosquitos are out to feed. Dusk is probably the best part of the day to do it. The chemicals will kill all mosquitos that are currently at your backyard and prevent others to get close to your yard. But, if you want to hang out with friends and family use fogger about a day earlier if you want a quiet and relaxing night.


Are children and pets safe?

According to some researches farming, pesticides are much stronger than chemicals inside the fogger. That means mosquito foggers are pretty safe for your children and pets. In fact, both can go out in the backyard 10 minutes after spraying but you must be more careful with pets because they could eat grass or plants that are directly sprayed and that may harm them.


What chemicals are in a fogger?

Larvicides and adulticides are two main chemicals you can find in mosquito foggers. First of them, larvicides are used to kill mosquitos coming from the water surface. The other one, adulticides are used to kill mosquitos in flight. Same these ingredients are used in a classic spray for bugs we use more often. We already talk about risk and safety, but this fog can't really hurt any of us. You can wear a mask while spraying just to be sure.


Types of foggers

Today, there are many types of foggers, and make sure to choose the right one for your lawn and backyard. There are two main types, thermal fogger which uses heat to beat these little pests and there are cold foggers that use air.

Propane foggers are very often today, and they are as their name suggests powered by propane. Propane will heat up the compound and spread it all around. One note, propane tanks are sold separately, not together with the fogger. Electric foggers will use electric power to heat up the compound. The only downfall of this fogger is a big temperature that occurred. Despite that, they are completely safe to use outdoor, but indoor as well. Commercial foggers, on the other hand, are a little bit different foggers. These are a mixture of gas and electric fogger and aren't recommended for home-usage. They are ideal for outdoor weddings for example or any other kind of festival.


Final thoughts

For all of us who want to enjoy evenings without mosquitos in our backyards, every effort will help. One of them surely are foggers. As we said, they are a temporary solution but can give you so much desired peace for even three days. Another good thing is that foggers won't impair your health so feel free to use them.