Do electric chainsaw need oil?

Do electric chainsaw need oil?

Although most people today still use gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws are also becoming more common. If you are wondering why this is so, there are several reasons. One of the most important is environmental protection. While working with an electric chainsaw, you won't swallow smoke or pollute the environment. They are easier to use and don't require oil, although you must have wondered if they can work without oil. Find the answer to that, but also a little bit more about electric chainsaws in this article.


Do I need oil for the electric chainsaw

Many people use an electric saw precisely because they want to avoid contact with oil and fuel. They simply turn it on and get the job done. However, in order for the bar and the chainsaw chain to remain in good condition, they need to be lubricated from time to time and we need oil for that. Lubrication must be done for efficiency and to extend the life of the chainsaw.

Electric chainsaws have a special lubricating oil. We mentioned environmental protection earlier, and this is how these oils were created to be safe for the environment. It's very important that you don't use other motor or vegetable oil for this purpose as this could damage your saw.


Where can I buy oil for my electric chainsaw

You can buy oil in almost all stores, even those hardware stores. Many people buy where they can take in larger quantities, but that depends on how often you use a chainsaw.

Chainsaw companies typically conduct a series of tests to see which oils are best for certain chainsaws. You will find this information in your manual. Although cheaper oils are available on the market, their long-term use could damage your chainsaw so it would be best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of them advise you to use SAE 30 motor oil during the summer and SAE 10 motor oil during the winter.


What can go wrong

If you use the wrong lubricating oil, failure will occur sooner than you think. If there is smoke coming out of your chainsaw or the tip is very hot, it means that the chainsaw is not sufficiently lubricated. Check the lubrication system to make sure there is no damage.

It's also very important that you follow all safety guidelines, which include the use of the appropriate type of safety gloves and goggles. It's necessary to wear appropriate clothing so that the chain doesn't catch anything during the operation. It's necessary to know the technique of properly holding the chainsaw to make it easier to cut wood and prevent injuries.

Also, take into account the age of the oil in your chainsaw tank. Don't work with old oil as this can adversely affect lubrication but also the saw. If you don't remember when you changed the oil for the last time, it is best to do it again. If it's not used for a long time and dries, it can seriously damage your chainsaw.


How to refill the oil in my chainsaw

First of all, unplug your saw from the electrical outlet to prevent it from starting accidentally. During the process, the chainsaw must be on a flat surface. If you have to refill it during operation, always leave the saw to cool for a while so that it doesn't burn you.

No matter how often you use a chainsaw, always clean the tip of the saw before lubrication to prevent dirt from entering the oil tank. Be sure to follow the instructions and the rule of opening the oil tank and disposing of the lid. Use a funnel of the appropriate size and slowly pour the oil into it. Make sure that the label on the tank doesn't spill more oil than necessary. When done, remove the funnel on a paper towel and close the oil tank lid tightly.


Final thoughts

It's understandable that electric chainsaws are becoming more and more popular, but you were wrong if you thought you wouldn't be dealing with oil in this case. The oil is essential to keep the rod and chain running smoothly. The positive thing is that they are easier to handle than gas chainsaws and also protect the environment.