Difference between roasting and grilling

Difference between roasting and grilling

Throughout history, people have cooked meat on an open fire from the earliest times, and today we know these terms as grilling and roasting. Although at first, it seems like two similar concepts and actions, but there are significant differences between them. In the English language, people generally identify and consider many words as synonyms, same is with grilling and roasting. Have you ever thought about the difference between these two actions? In this article, we will define and explain all the differences.


Main difference between grilling and roasting

Let’s start by defining each of the terms where we'll see the main difference between grilling and roasting. Grilling refers to food that is grilled, very simply put. It is a method that involves cooking on a gas flame. The food is placed on a rack above the flame where it's finely grilled with large heat. Many people prefer this method because it doesn't require an oven which is one of the advantages.

On the other hand, roasting is significantly different. Unlike grilling where the meat is placed directly on the flame, here we use a different type of heat, the so-called diffuse heat. It's the heat used in ovens.


Minor but equally important differences

Although very similar, believe us there are quite a few differences between these two methods. They differ in the heat that each method can reach, the time it takes to cook the meat, and the material you will use.

When it comes to materials, it will be quite easy for you to find what you need. For grilling, you need a grill, in some cases depending on the amount of meat you can use a griddle. For roasting, you need an oven or grill with a lid to create a closed atmosphere around the meat.

The time required to make the meat also varies, but with grilling it is from 3 to 10 minutes depending on how much grilled meat you like. When we talk about roasting you will need a lot more time to roast the meat, from 1 to 3 hours, depending on how plentiful it is. The time difference is so great because the grills reach high temperatures up to 500 ° F much faster in just a few minutes. Ovens, on the other hand, vary between 200 ° F and 400 ° F and take significantly longer to reach that temperature.

There is also a difference in the heat used, as we said earlier in the text, grilling is based on direct heat such as fire while roasting is based on indirect heat. It's the heat that circulates in the oven around the meat.


What to grill and what to roast?

Grilling is a quick method of cooking that is extremely suitable for steaks, lamb chops, and other thinner cuts of meat because the fire in this case is extremely strong. Roasting is a slower process that is suitable for preparing larger pieces of meat.

For example, if you want to roast chicken legs or wings, grilling is the best method for this, but if you plan to cook the whole chicken in one piece then roasting is the right option for you. This method is slower, but the meat will be much tastier.


How about vegetables?

Maybe you want to incorporate something healthy into your diet or you’re just interested in how to roast vegetables? Although in both methods vegetables will not look overly appealing, you need more time to grill vegetables but they will be tastier than roasted ones. In any case, if you don't feel like cooking vegetables, roasting vegetables is a quick and easy way to add a healthy note to your lunch.


Final thoughts

In the end, we see that although similar at first glance, grilling and roasting are two completely different actions. A lot depends on the meat you cook, its shape and type, but also your personal preferences. Try both ways to handle it if you haven’t already and judge for yourself. Good appetite!