Ceramic vs infrared space heaters

Ceramic vs infrared space heaters

Colder days are approaching and it’s a good time to think about heaters if you don’t have any. There is great doubt when it comes to heaters, which one is the better ceramic or infrared heater? In this article, we will talk about them and hopefully help you to choose the right one for yourself and get warm. A ceramic heater is a standard heating method for a long time, it's also known as a convection heater. The work of this heater is based on a plate that absorbs heat and then releases it all over your room.

Today we have two types of a ceramic heater, with a fan and without a fan. It's actually a pretty similar thing, based on air circulation. On the other hand, we have an infrared heater and its radiant heater which means it heats your room and objects directly. Infrared rays will heat everything on their way, even a wall. Convection heaters are known for their airflow, but when it comes to infrared heaters you can leave your window open for some time even during the colder days.


Advantages of ceramic heaters

Ceramic space heater

Ceramic heaters have many advantages and are a great choice for use at your home. We will introduce you to some of them.

Exactitude heating: this kind of heater will provide precise heating for you anytime and this is especially prominent in ceramic heaters that are convection based with a fan. Another good thing is that you can point them in any direction you like. 

Instant heating: this is a very important feature and a big benefit of using this model. A ceramic part is a great conductor of heat, and if you have a heater with a fan it will be even faster when it comes to warming up. 

Rapid cooling: once you shut off your ceramic heater it immediately stops with work. This is great for security reasons if you have children or pets around. It also eliminates the possibility of fire.

Easily portable: this heater is very small and compact. You can easily move them all around your house if needed. 


Advantages of infrared heaters

Infrared space heater

Infrared heaters also have many benefits, based on them, judge whether it suits you, and here they are.

Increased safety: these heaters are special because they don't heat up as much as other types like ceramic ones, for example. Their heating surface is in most cases, covered with a metal sheath so there is no chance of burning and it's cool to the touch. 

Quiet operation: infrared heater doesn't have and doesn't need a fan, so it's a quiet type of heater. The fan is actually the main source of noise in such devices. This is why the infrared heater is perfect for your bedroom or office maybe.

Low maintenance: There is no moving part in this heater, which means there is no real maintenance required. You won't find any motor parts or filters you should take care of. 


What should be improved

When we talk about ceramic heaters, you must use them properly, because accidents can happen easily. Electric shock or fire are the most common accidents. 

Despite we mentioned increased safety as a good thing about infrared heaters, not all of them have a cover of the metal sheath. Heaters without that are not recommended for families with kids or pets. Another bad side is limited warming. It's well known that infrared heaters work on direct lines and in most cases, there is not enough power to heat the whole room properly. 



If you are heating a smaller space then infrared heaters will be more efficient than ceramic ones. When it comes to cost, ceramic heaters are a little bit more expensive, but the infrared heater will spend bigger amounts of electricity to convert it into heat. It won't affect your accounts too much, but if you're looking to save some money even on that, consider a ceramic heater. 


Final thoughts

Both infrared and ceramic heaters have unique elements, features, and advantages. Ceramic heaters can heat up bigger spaces and are portable, which is very important. We mentioned that a ceramic heater is more expensive, but infrared, although cheaper, will rise up your bills. Consider your needs and choose wisely!