Can pregnant women jump on trampolines?

Can pregnant women jump on trampolines?

We already mention all the benefits for your health if you jump on a trampoline. It's healthy cardio exercise before you became pregnant, but after that, it's probably best to stop for some time.

In most cases, if you are pregnant you should avoid the trampoline completely, jumping very low or on a small trampoline could be an exception but only with a doctor's approval, never do it on your own.

Pregnancy and all changes that your body does are not the same for every woman. If you are still keen on doing it, keep reading to find out all the necessary information. 

Can I jump on a trampoline while pregnant

Maybe you were jumping on a trampoline and playing with your niece, and a few days later you find out that you are weeks pregnant. Should you worry about your baby? Unless you did fall on your stomach there is nothing to worry about. Still, you should visit a doctor to do necessary medical tests just to be sure everything is ok.

The human body can adapt to any phase, even if we don't know that. The amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby helps deliver nutrients as their primary role but also helps to cushion impacts effectively. Because of that only fatal accidents with a strong hit like falling down the stairs can actually hurt your baby.

That means that exercise while pregnant is a good thing for your body but in moderation and a special regime. With regular exercise, you won't gain too much weight and it will help you with labor. The conclusion is that if you don't jump too high or do some tricks on a trampoline, it's relatively safe for you and your baby.

How to stay active during pregnancy

This is a question that plagues many pregnant women. If you have been active before your pregnancy, you should be able to stay the same during this period. Of course, it must be less intense. Many experts advise starting your exercise around five minutes a day at first. then slowly progressing to a 30-minute workout. Some exercises you did with great ease before, now will be much harder. Trampoline, in this case, can help you do cardio exercises and improve your immune system as well.

Trampoline workout for pregnant women

It is not out of place to mention again the importance of consulting with a doctor before any activities on a trampoline. Your doctor knows your condition the best and only he can do the right decision. If you get the green light for your workout on a trampoline make sure that you can hold on to any support in case you lose your balance. A safety net is a must-have in these situations because falling off can be fatal. We will give you a few simple trampoline exercises you can do while pregnant, but if you are new to this and all trampoline stuff, it's better to avoid this and use some other exercise for beginners.

Jogging in place - jogging lightly in place can improve your balance and soften the impact but at the same time forcing you to have full control of your coordination.

Light bouncing - it's recommended to do low bounces on a trampoline while pregnant. Try to perform low bounces and bend your knees deep. This can be very good for your immune system.

Walking in place - this exercise is very similar to the first one but this is a lighter version. Still, this will help you improve your coordination without tiring your knees and joints. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, the first thing you need to do is consult with a doctor and if you are allowed, as long as you take care of yourself and your baby safely you can jump on a trampoline. Don't overdo it, make an exercise plan, and stick to it with low bouncing and all necessary safety equipment.