Can mosquitoes see in the dark?

Can mosquitoes see in the dark?

Many summer evenings were ruined by mosquitoes. These little beasts sometimes don’t let you out of the house unless you want to be bitten all over your body. You must have wondered how mosquitoes come to you, how they feel, and find you even in the dark? There are several reasons, and we will say more about them in this article.

Mosquitoes can feel the carbon dioxide on you, they are also attracted to the heat of your body and thus easily reach their feeding ground. An interesting fact is that only females feed on your blood and the blood of other animals. They find in your blood the proteins needed to reproduce and produce eggs.

On the other hand, mosquitoes can be extremely dangerous because they transmit various diseases and therefore shouldn't be taken lightly. Today, there are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world. Find out if they see in the dark, but also how to fight them below.


Mosquito attack

Mosquitoes feed through the long part of their mouth, resembling a tube, and known as a proboscis. When sucking blood from the victim, they secrete saliva, which prevents the blood from clotting. A red itchy spot appears on the human skin as a result of the bite.


Can mosquitoes see in the dark?

Let's go back to one of the most important questions, as well as the title of the article, and that is can mosquitoes see you in the dark? The answer is no. They have eyes on each side of the head, but simply don't have vision like humans or other vertebrae. For this reason, they have a number of other techniques and methods for reaching people and other victims. For example, they can spot you if you have clothes that are significantly different from the background you are in. Mosquitoes know that everything that moves is alive and then they go in search of blood vessels.


Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is formed when each of us exhales. Because we constantly inhale and exhale, the wind carries carbon dioxide that mosquitoes easily recognize. Carbon dioxide and methods of finding it are used today in detecting human trafficking as well as finding people under the rubble. Mosquitoes work in a similar way with help of extremely strong receptors. They allow them to find people even if we have thick and layered clothes on.


Body heat

Another way mosquitoes get to you is the warmth of your body. They recognize your body at a distance of about 7 inches. Mosquitoes have special cells on their "antennas" that easily recognize and detect heat in the environment. When the "antennas" recognize heat, they transmit a signal to the brain that something warm is nearby. For that reason, mosquitoes easily detect and reach people and other animals.


The behavior of a mosquito in the light?

We all know that many bugs adore light at night, so we find them in large numbers on our porch where we have lighting. This is not exactly the case with mosquitoes. They are known as nocturnal animals to which the light of the moon and stars suits best. Artificial lighting disrupts their coordination to a lesser extent while we will almost never see them during the day. The reason for this is the sun that would dehydrate them.

Mosquitoes bite and attack us more in the dark. This is also logical because we are an easier target when we sleep and cannot hear and feel them. We won't even feel the bite and mosquitoes know that very well. Also, when we sleep we excrete even more carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes attack most often at night and in the early morning hours. They spend the rest of the day in darker and wetter areas.


How to get rid of them?

Simply use scents that mosquitoes hate. Natural repellents such as lavender, peppermint, basil, garlic, or rosemary can help. They all have a nice natural scent that mosquitoes don’t like.

Chemical repellents can also be a solution. They will keep mosquitoes away from your property. You need to be careful when handling chemicals, especially if you have small children and pets. For this reason, natural repellents are still a more desirable option.

From all the above, we conclude that the sense of smell is the strongest feature of mosquitoes, but it can also be the weakest if you fill your space with the scents they hate.


Final thoughts

Although they cannot see in the dark, mosquitoes have extremely strong other senses, mostly their sense of smell. They will feel the carbon dioxide and warmth of your body and give you a few nasty bites. All you can do in this situation is to use repellents, natural or chemical depending on which suits you best.