Can lawn mowers get wet?

Can lawn mowers get wet?

Although the mowers are intended for outdoor use, excessive moisture is not welcome but a little rain shouldn't harm the mower. The mower can be in the rain but the real question is which amount of rain can do the damage to your machine?


How can a mower get wet?

Leaving the mower in the rain is not the only way to get the mower wet. If you leave it outside overnight, the morning dew will also wet your mower. Also, if you mow the lawn after heavy rain, some parts of it will get wet. A lawn mower that isn’t well stored after it has stopped being used, for example, stored under a leaking roof, is exposed to moisture that can harm him.


Parts of the mower that we need to look out for are...?

All parts of the lawn mower can get wet but the rain will not affect all of them equally. Certain parts of the mower are more sensitive than other parts. Those parts are the spark plug, fuel tanks, air filters, and the carburetor. If other parts get wet it won't cause the mower to malfunction. If the lawn mower is exposed to rain or moisture for a long time, they can cause some parts to rust but the mower should still work. Lawn mowers are expensive but as they are intended for outdoor use, they are exposed to all weather conditions and they are designed so any change of weather doesn't harm them.


The mower got wet. What now?

You can solve this problem very easily. After the rain has stopped, try turning on the lawn mower and letting it run for a while. In this case, the mower dries itself due to the engine heating up. Also, you can leave the lawn mower in the sun to dry and try to turn it again. A possible scenario is that after heavy rains the mower doesn’t start, what then? You can solve this problem in three steps:

1 - heck the spark plugs on the mower and clean them of moisture because if they are wet, there will be no sparks. Immediately check the distance between the electrodes and the spark plugs. If the mower does not start even after this, then follow the next step.

2 - Check the air filter. If it is wet, dry it or replace it with a new filter but if you can't start the mower yet, go to step three.

3 - Open the fuel tank and see if there is water in the fuel? If you notice bubbles in the fuel, it is water and as water is heavier than oil, it will stay at the bottom of the fuel tank. We hope that you will solve the malfunction on the mower with the help of the first or second step because this third step is harder to fix. The mower must be disassembled! The lawn mower will not start if the fuel tank is full of water but if there are small amounts of water in the fuel tank, the mower can be started but will work differently than usual, so even in that case the mower should be disassembled.



If none of these tips help, take the mower in for repair or buy a new one. Unfortunately, we live in a time when lawn mowers are not waterproof so we have to keep them in dry and safe places to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. When buying a mower you can look for ones that have a protective cover. Such a cover will prevent water from entering certain parts of the engine. Prevent, not fully protect. Therefore, nothing will happen if the mower is in the rain for a short time but save the mower from heavy rains and wet places so you don’t have to repair it for reasons you could have prevented.