Can I shoot a pellet gun in my backyard?

Can I shoot a pellet gun in my backyard?

Photo: James Case

Maybe you want to learn something about firearms or you have pests in your backyard like rats? A pellet gun can be an answer for both, but it's not that simple. In many states, using a pellet gun in your property is illegal and laws about it can be as strict as those covering more fatal weapons. If you ever wonder about using a pellet gun in your backyard this article is for you.

Benefits and safety

Today many people are attracted to shooting in their backyard. Some of them are allowed to do it according to the National Rifle Association to keep up their firearm ability and using a pellet gun can be much cheaper than training with other weaponry. Cost is another thing that may interest you. Depend on the quality of the product, the cost may vary but it's safe to say that pellet guns are the cheapest guns on the market. When we talk about safety, according to the BB-gun website, pellet guns can be effectively past 350 yards. At that distance, the pellet wears enough power to be a threat to people and objects around. Unwanted damage on other's property isn't a rare case because bullets can easily ricochet off the walls. 

What about laws?

Local laws determining whether using or even possessing a pellet gun is legitimate. Some states consider a pellet gun in the same group as a firearm and forbid it within the town limits. The best for you is to consult with local laws before any action to make sure. If you are allowed to shoot a pellet gun there will be some restrictions too, you can't allow pellets to go past the boundary of your backyard unless you have permission to use a gun on that other property too. It's delicate because many factors are included, distance to the center of the road is another one. But if you're not sure, you can always give a call to the local police and they will come to inspect your backyard and eventually give you permission. Another thing that can affect the whole shooting situation is your relation with neighbors. Also, avoid shooting while kids and pets are outside.

Final thoughts

To sum up, don't do anything on your own. You know how big is your backyard, how close it is the main road and with that facts give a call to the local department to be sure. If you are allowed to shoot, take care of yourself and your surroundings. Good luck!